The 1921 Census

The first census of modern times, almost within living memory.

Early in 2022 the complete returns for the 1921 census will be published online on Findmypast web site. The precise date of publication remains to be announced.

Although originally scheduled for 24 April, threatened industrial action resulted in it being postponed until 19th June 1921. This delay created some problems since it resulted in the census being taken when many people were away from home on holiday.

The  household returns provide detailed information on close to 38 million individuals and contains more detail than previous censuses. It includes all  the questions asked in 1911, but additionally includes the place of employment of those in work, the industry they worked in and their employer's name. In addition to asking whether an individual was single, married or widowed, the further category of divorced was included. For the first time there were also questions about levels of education.

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"The 1921 census is a landmark event for family historians, capturing life just after the trauma of the first world war. Find out how this census can help you to find a new generation of your family."

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