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The Manchester Genealogist

As a member of the MLFHS you will automatically receive a copy of our flagship quarterly magazine, The Manchester Genealogist, mailed to your home address*. If you have just joined, the first issue will be mailed to you around the first day of March, June, September or December after joining.
*Note members outside the UK will receive an electronic (pdf) copy.

To access The Manchester Genealogist archives, which can be browsed or searched by index, please Log In (above) with your membership number or email address, then scroll down the Member Area page to the MG Archives link.

The Manchester Genealogist is registered with the British Library as a serial publication [ISSN No. 0143-1331] and copies are deposited in the principal UK copyright libraries.

In this section  

  1. Our quarterly journal The Manchester Genealogist

  2. Submitting Articles for Publication

  3. Our journal archives

  4. Printed or online? 

  5. Deadlines for submitting articles

  6. Copyright

  7. The Earwaker Prize


Submitting articles for publication

We encourage our members to submit articles for publication. These may be on any topic related to family history, but we particularly welcome articles which might help members to pursue their own research. This is also an ideal way to share your research with other members and to record your work for future researchers.

We prefer to receive articles by email, created with a Document App such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs or Apple Pages. A Microsoft Word template can be downloaded if you CLICK HERE . Photographs are also welcomed, scanned at 300dpi, saved in TIFF or JPEG format and attached to the email. Include your full name and membership number in the email and send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  More details can be found in the current edition of The Manchester Genealogist. The Society reserves the right to edit all material submitted for publication.

Our Journal Archives

The Society has copies of every journal published since 1964, each copy has been scanned and indexed and can be searched for surnames by using the Search button at the top of the page. Members can also browse the archives and read any of the back-issues from the Member Area home page (use the Log in button at the top of the page, then scroll down the member area page to the archives link). What can you find in the archived journals?

  •  Accounts written by members who have resourced their histories and knocked down their brickwalls
  • Original research about families and localities that might connect with your research

  • Little known or unusual sources of information, usually listed at the end of articles

Printed or Online? 

Times change and reading on the internet has now become second-nature for many of us. As a member of the M&LFHS you can already read access the latest edition and the full archive (since 1964) online. However, we would now like to give you a choice. Would you like to receive a digital copy as soon as it is printed, or would you prefer to wait for a copy to drop through your letterbox?*

To make your choice you can log in to the Member Area, go to ‘Your Personal Details / Update your membership details’, and select the Preferences option.

*New members living outside the UK will have the option of a digital copy only



The deadline for publication appears in each issue of the magazine. As a guide, because Covid-19 has taught us that things can change unexpectedly, deadline dates are usually the the first day of January, April, July and October.


You, as contributor, are responsible for ensuring that material for publication does not breach copyright. All articles published in The Manchester Genealogist are © The Trustees of Manchester and Lancashire Family History Society (in particular MLFHS will have the authority to agree to the publication, in whole or part, by third parties). If you wish to retain copyright in your article, please make this clear when it is submitted for publication.

The Earwaker Prize

We are particularly proud of the quality standards maintained by our many contributors in terms of diligent and innovative research techniques and resources as well as their reporting prowess. To acknowledge this and to encourage potential contributors, we award a prize [in the form of a book token] annually for the best research article appearing in the magazine during the previous year. This is usually awarded at the Annual General Meeting.