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Hints from the Helpdesk Video Library

Our knowledgeable helpdesk volunteers have taken some time out to record these informative videos on a variety of popular topics. We hope that they will give you some ideas of how you can get more out of your research.

National Archives Research Guides

The National Archives' Research Guides are high quality guides to the history, content and use of the many resources in their collections at Kew. Masses of high quality information for free - what's not to like?

1841 Census

Often written off as providing much less information than later censuses, you can still get a lot out of the 1841 returns. Find out how. 


1911 Census

There is a lot of information on the 1911 census return forms - learn how to get the most out of it!



GRO Website

The General Register Office (GRO) web site enables you to order certificates online, but can be helpful in other ways.  Get the most out of this important web site

DNA Tests

There are a lot of DNA tests on the market. Here are some ways to decide which one to choose.

Electronic Records

As you accumulate ever more electronic records, it is easy to lose track. Name your documents meaningfully to help you find them again.

Your Digital Legacy

You have researched for years and all your records are on your computer or online. What happens when you are no longer around to look after them? Here are some ideas.