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Manchester & Lancashire Family History Society was established in 1964. The Society encourages and supports research into family history and works for the preservation of and improved access to relevant archival material. An important part of the Society's work is to educate researchers so that they may get the best out of their research through a regular programme of talks for beginners and quarterly meetings with speakers on topics relating to family history and local history within Greater Manchester. M&LFHS members benefit from free and/or priority access to these events.

Upcoming Events in Manchester

Manchester Street Names + AGM

10.30am 21 Apr 2021

History of Manchester told from the viewpoint of its Street Names.


To the Manor Born

2.00pm 24 Apr 2021

John Marsden talks about Manor Records and how they can help Historians today.


The Flour Dealer in Georgian England

2.00pm 1 May 2021

The story of one flour dealer of Manchester whose personal history reveals the story of travel and politics in Georgian England.


"Our Eventbrite Calendar will show you all the Society's meetings, whether they are arranged by the MLFHS or by the Bolton, Oldham or Anglo Scots sections."

More information can be found in each branch's Calendar of Events and Meetings pages.

Please note that our meetings are online (via Zoom) until Covid-19 restrictions are changed.