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MLFHS aka Manchester Ancestors

Manchester & Lancashire Family History Society was established in 1964. The Society encourages and supports research into family history and works for the preservation of, and improved access to, relevant archival material. An important part of the Society's work is to educate researchers, in order that they may get the best out of their research, through a regular programme of talks for beginners and quarterly meetings, in Manchester and the Branches, with speakers on topics relating to family history and local history within Greater Manchester and the wider area.

M&LFHS members benefit from free and/or priority access to these events, for which there is a nominal entrance charge for non-members. 

However, digital virtual events are happening with increasing frequency and will be added to our Events programmes.

Where to find it  ...

Navigate the Branch website pages and see at a glance where you might find what you are looking for, with this site map, HERE

 Oldham & District Branch 

Hopefully, we will also be looking forward to a time when we will be able to resume our own Branch monthly meetings, in Oldham Library, and take part in the many projects, commemorations and other activities that will take place in our locality.
In the meantime, we will be holding our monthly meetings online, on zoom.
For the 2021 programme and details of registering for the talks, visit our Branch 'Meetings Page'  and the 'What's New Page'

Our monthly newsletter (no need to be a member) also keeps us up to date with articles, an e-postbag, news of 'what's on', and much more. You can sign up to receive a monthly digital copy (to read on-line or download) or you can visit the Newsletter Archives to 'pick and mix'! Newsletter

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