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Our numerous articles, on ancestry and local history, are scattered through the Branch pages so, to help you find the ones you might find most interesting, the Research/Local Interest page HERE is going to serve as our 'Pictorial Index' page, where you can follow a link directly to an article that catches your interest.

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Notification for MLFHS members from the Branch Chairman:

In February's Branch newsletter, MLFHS members were reminded that the Annual Meeting would normally be held in March. It was asked that they would email our chairman if they would wish us to have a short meeting, on zoom, at which anyone could give us feedback, on what we have been doing in the last few months, or ask any questions. As no-one has signified that this would be a useful meeting, the present committee (elected in March 2020) will stay in place, and monthly meetings will continue on zoom until circumstances change.
The Chairman and Committee Members would again like to thank you for your support over the last twelve months and look forward to seeing you in person again soon.
In the meantime, if you care to contact us at < This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. > with regard to your thoughts or questions, we would be glad to hear from you.


Oldham Local Studies & Archives

Please always check for updates
From their website page HERE and HERE
Link to the online catalogue of the Oldham Heritage Collections HERE

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Updates & Additions to the Branch Pages in 2021

* 2021-06-01  'Where to find it' ... with this content 'site map', navigate the Branch website pages and see, at a glance, where you might find the content you are looking for.

* 2021-05-27 Gallery Page of images and photos ... 15 more pictures added.

* 2021-05-25 Transcribed, 'Introduction' from 'The Annals of Manchester' ed. William E.A. Axon, Pub. 1886
With a List of Mayors of Manchester and a Link to .pdf List of Manchester Borough Reeves from 1552 - 1846

* 2021-05-24 Transcribed, chapter from 'History of the County Palatine, and Duchy of Lancaster' by Edward Baines, Esq., M.P. Vol. II. Pub. 1836... Salford Hundred : Prestwich cum Oldham

* 2021-05-21 'Evans Coal Miners – From Broseley to Oldham' from Alan Blow

* 2021-05-01 'Grotton Hall,' Saddleworth and the Buckley Family

* 2021-04-27 Bookworm : two titles added, in 'Referencing a Way of Life ... Towns and Villages' section.
(i) The Manor and Manorial Records by Nathaniel J. Hone 2nd ed. pub. 1912
(ii) The Manor Houses of England by P.H. Ditchfield. Pub. 1910

* 2021-04-26 'Mills of Oldham & District' ... five .pdfs listing the mills, each with the data sorted differently to facilitate different search criteria.
Added to the Pictorial Menu page and Research/Miscellany :

* 2021-03-28 Three titles added to Bookworm in Referencing Women ... section,  by Oldham writer, Mary Higgs, about women and social reform, pub. 1900-1910
(i) 'Glimpses into the Abyss' (including '5 days and nights as tramp among tramps') pub. 1906
(ii) 'How to deal with the Unemployed' pub. 1904
(iii) 'Where Shall She Live? The Homelessness of the Woman Worker' pub. 1910

* 2021-03-09 Who are on the 2021 Branch committee? Our profiles HERE

* 2021-03-08 Numerous links added to Family and Local History Articles on the 'Oldham Historical Research Group' Website. 

* 2021-03-02 Gallipoli 1915 ... Oldham men who died (.pdf download) : Added to the Pictorial Menu page and Research/Miscellany : 

* 2021-03-02 Book title added to 'Bookworm' page HERE
(i)  In Way of Life :
'The History of the Siege of Manchester by the King's Forces, under the Command of Lord Strange, 1642'' by John Palmer pub. 1822

* 2021-02-05 Reorganisation of page content:
(i) Research/Local Interest page HERE will serve as a 'Pictorial Index' page for all Family and Local History articles in the Branch pages.
(ii) Pages that previously contained more than one article have been edited to show just one. The second article has been given a page of its own and can be found through a link on the Pictorial Index HERE
(iii)  Article added: 'A German Armaments Manufacturer in Oldham During World War One' by Dorothy Bintley 

Updates & Additions to the Branch Pages in 2020

* 2020-12-18 A new page in the Research menu, 'Bookworm' HERE

* 2020-10-29 Two .pdf downloads to help you get the most enjoyment out of our zoom meetings. HERE and HERE

* 2020-10-29 Notification that Oldham Branch will host its first online talk, with zoom, in December. 'Failsworth & Woodhouses War Comforts Society in WW1'

* 2020-10-18 Custom Roll and Rental of the Manor of Ashton-under-Lyne,  November 11, 1422'. 
added links to ,pdf documents :
(1) General Introduction and Resource links (2) Index to Part lll

* 2020-10-15 Custom Roll and Rental of the Manor of Ashton-under-Lyne,  November 11, 1422'.  (extracts transcribed)

* 2020-10-12 'Manchester Hill'
The 16th(S) Battalion, Manchester Regiment, in the Second Battle of the Somme, at Manchester Hill, 21st March, 1918. With names of the men who died.

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