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Oldham & District Mills

List of mills extracted from :
'The Cotton Mills of Oldham' by Duncan Gurr & Julian Hunt. Published in 1998.

The book contains a wealth of backgound information on the cotton industry, including biographies, statistics; a chapter on cotton spinning, machine making and mill building; mill disasters and much more. It is available to consult in the Oldham Local Studies and Archives Library.

The links below are to the .pdf lists of the mills. Each one has the data sorted differently, facilitating different search criteria. Each opens in its own tab.

1. Oldham Mills sorted by :  location/date/name of mill HERE

2. Oldham Mills sorted by :  date/location/name of mill HERE

3. Oldham Mills sorted by : address/name of mill/date HERE

4. Oldham Mills sorted by : nameof mill/location/date HERE

5.  Oldham Mills sorted by :  date/name of mill/location HERE

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