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About Anglo-Scottish Family History Society

About Anglo-Scottish Family History Society

The Anglo Scottish FHS is based in Manchester Central Library, a part of Manchester Ancestors (MLFHS). Our purpose is to help members in Scotland to find their ancestral family in Manchester and to help our members in Manchester to trace their ancestors back to Scotland. Our searches can take us to and from any part of the world, wherever our Scottish families may be.

What we do

The Anglo Scots was formed in 1982 by members of the MLFHS who were tracing their links back to their Scottish origins, whether they themselves were from the Manchester area and tracing ancestors in Scotland, or from Scotland and tracing ancestors who had left for Manchester or Lancashire. Inevitably, our research often leads us to all parts of the world as we follow emigrations patterns.

Scottish Marriage Index

One of the stumbling blocks for any family historian is when ones ancestors have emigrated or married away from their birth parish. Whether you are tracing a sibling of your ancestors from the UK or tracing a line back to the UK, the problem is the same. Find out more about our Scottish Marriage Index.

The Search Button

At the top of every page is an orange "Search" Button. This is your quick route to searching all of our 2.7 million (and growing) records. To begin the system try a simple name search. Enter a name and then scroll down the page to see the results. The 'Public' results are shown first, just click on the Members tab to see what is available to members. Either log in to see the results of join us! 'Log In' and 'Join' buttons are both at the top of each page.


The Anglo Scottish FHS is one of the founder members of the Scottish Association of Family History Societies (SAFHS) and sends a representative to their meetings in Edinburgh. We are also proud to have a partnership with the Scottish Record Society, one of Scotland’s oldest historical societies, dedicated to publishing a variety of historical papers and records, and we have exchange copies of their Journals in our archives.

Help and Advice

At the Manchester Central Library we have exclusive use of a suite of computers each weekday between 10.30am and 3.30am (holidays and pandemics excluded). Our experienced staff are happy to help with all kinds of family and local history questions. Our Virtual Helpdesk is also open to everyone who cannot access the Library.

Private Research

Since 1964 our flagship quarterly journal has recorded and printed members' research and to made it available to other members. The archives are a valuable resource and fully indexed online. Every member of the Society receives a copy of The Manchester Genealogist quarterly, to which every branch of the society contributes.

Upcoming Events in Anglo Scots

Anglo Scottish FHS Branch Meeting

2.00pm 6 Jul 2024 - Manchester Central LIbrary

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