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Anglo Scots Research

Anglo Scottish Research

What we do

We help our members to trace their Scottish ancestors and ancestral cousins, wherever they might be, but our special interest is the Scots who came to Manchester and the surrounding area, whether they settled in the area or were just passing through. We look for records and information that fill these gaps in our family histories.

Presbyterian Records

These amazing records are available as documents in the Members Area. Many Scots were practising Presbyterians in Scotland and quickly joined the Presbyterians in Manchester, Salford and other areas around Manchester. Just one of a set of fascinating documents in the Scottish Documents set. Our Databases page has more information.

Scottish Marriage Index

Can you contribute to this index? Do you have Scottish ancestry that married away from Scotland? Have you got Scottish Ancestry that have disappeared from Scotland - could they have married in England or anywhere else in the world? Who knows, you just might find the clue in our Scottish Marriage Index. Visit our Scottish Marriage Index

Latest News

Pandemics aside, we also send representatives to the annual SAFHS conference in Scotland to attend talks and events, to promote our work in the Manchester area, to report back on developments that help - or might hinder in the future - our Scottish research and to network with societies and organisation north of the border.

Looking Forward

Do you have a family tree that you would like share - stories about Anglo Scottish families that can help other researchers? Scottish ancestors who served overseas in military campaigns and settled elsewhere? Records or archives that might not have been recorded elsewhere? Help us to find these records and make them available for research.

Baptisms in Wigan

Another gem from our Members Area documents that shows the geographical spread of our information. This is a list of Scots whose children were baptised at Wigan and the list, amazingly, gives the names of both parents, from where they originated and - in some cases - their date of marriage. See all our Scottish Documents.

Ainsworth, Alyn

[1924-1990], Band Leader, Television Musical Director.

Ashworth, Alan

Professor [born 1960] Director of the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Centre at the Institute of Cancer Research, Co-discoverer of BRCA2 gene with Professor Mike Stratton.

Barlow, Thomas

Sir, KCVO, FRS, FRCP, [1845-1945, born Edgworth] - diagnosed Barlow's Disease, physician to Queen Victoria, Kings Edward VII & George V.

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