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Anglo Scots Documents

Birth and Marriage

  • Presbyterian Baptism Rolls (Not included in The Great Database) This register records the baptism of 10,000 children [and a few adults] taken from the registers of 15 Presbyterian churches from 1802 to 1970. The date and place of birth are recorded as are the names of the parents, the maiden name of the mother [in most cases ] and the occupation of the father.
  • Presbyterian Communion Rolls (Not included in The Great Database) This is an amazing collection of records, transcribed by our volunteers over a number of years, it includes th Presbyterian Communion Records. Communion services were only held two or three times a year and, unusually, the names, and sometimes the addresses of details, of the communicants were recorded. Anyone could join the Presbyterian church but it was especially the church of the Scottish who had broken away from the established church in their homeland and who wanted a simpler, more free, way of following and expressing their faith. The Revd. William Gaskell, husband of Elizabeth Gaskell, was for some years the minister of Cross Street Chapel, whose congregation was something of a meeting place and gathering point for many Scottish incomers to Manchester. It was the custom of the Presbyterian Church to record the attendance of each member at the communion service held 4 times in the year. This is the main register in the collection containing 78,000 records taken from 19 churches. The records cover a period from 1808 to 1979 and include the names and addresses of each member and adherent.
  • Scottish Baptisms in Wigan (Not included in The Great Database)
  • A list of baptisms between 1809 and 1836 at St Paul's Independent Church in Wigan of the children of Scottish people who had married local girls. Compiled by Mark Campbell.

Rate Books, Poll Books and Other Lists

  • Paisley Voters in 1847. Extracted by John Marsden. (Not included in The Great Database) Reprinted from Manchester Genealogist Volume 33 Issue 2 (1997). Includes names, occupations and addresses of over 1000 persons registered to vote at Paisley in 1847.


  • Wellingtons Forgotten Men (Not included in The Great Database) This listing of Scottish-born soldiers was compiled by the late Jim Beckett and published in four parts in Volume 28 of the Manchester Genealogist in 1992. Extracted by Mark Campbell.


  • Diary of a Voyage (Not included in The Great Database) Diary of the Voyage of John Hart of Perth, Ontario who left Glasgow, Scotland, with his family on the 15th April 1842 on the Sailing Vessel "Carlton" arriving in Quebec on 5th June 1842. Transcribed by Mark Campbell
  • Royal Family of Scotland (Not included in The Great Database) Published in 1739 this book provides genealogies of the Scottish kings from Kenneth I. This scanned book is a large 45Mb file and may take a little time to download.
  • Scots and Manchester After the '45.pdf (Not included in The Great Database) Presence of Scots in Lancashire after the 1745 rebellion. Includes many names and some biographical information. Article by Thomas Crofton digitised by Mark Campbell
  • Scottish Emigrants (Not included in The Great Database) An index of over 5,000 Scottish-born people found in records outside Scotland.

Finding the Scottish Documents

The Presbyterian Communion Records, and all the research documents listed on the Anglo Scottish Local Interests page, are in the Members Area.

Log in to the Members area using the Log in bar on the top menu. Scroll down the Members Area page to see the full range of options available to all members, including the Document Collections. Select 'Browse Documents' to find the Scotland Collection.