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From time to time you may need to pay Manchester and Lancashire FHS for something other than a subscription, subscription renewal or purchase. This could include fees for advertising or for providing document copies. Although we are happy to continue to receive payments by cheque, we prefer such payments to be made online using a credit/debit card or a PayPal account.

This is NOT an online ordering system. Please do not make any payments unless you have already received notification from MLFHS of the amount due.

This facility is ONLY for pre-arranged payments. Click here [link to Join J1.1] to apply for membership or click here [Link to member login L1.1] to log in and renew your membership Click here [link to donations DP1.1] if you wish to make a donation.

Because of the commissions charged, we would prefer that this facility is not used for sums of less than £2.00

Please indicate in the payment box below the purpose of the payment – we will tell you what to enter - then click the 'Buy Now' Button to connect to the secure payments service.