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Oldham projects and volunteers


During the first 2 years of the pandemic, although we had many kind contributions of articles and photographs, which we really appreciate, we were unable to start a new and on-going project for the website. However, our Branch committee was able to complete its own project on St. Paul's Methodist Church, Shaw (see link below). 
In past years, the Branch has contributed research data to the society and this can be viewed, in the Members' Area, by society members. Visit the :
Oldham/Research/Documents page for a list of databases in the Members Only Area : Oldham/Research/Documents page.

In addition, a quantity of other local research material is in the Open Access Area of the website. For miscellaneous articles in the Public pages, visit the following pages for links:
 Oldham/Research/Local Interest 

Oldham/About/Ancestry& Local History

New and on-going projects are listed below.

The People Who Built Alexandra Park, Oldham
– A Review of the Minutes of the Parks Committee and Other Sources

created by Gillian McCarthy
18th January 2023
Read it HERE

Oldham Education Week : May 1925

A transcription of the 88 pages in the Handbook. It includes 33 photographs and 5 tables.

Part 1 is HERE
Part 2 is HERE
Gallery HERE

St. Paul's Methodist Church, Shaw

A Project by the Branch Committee, with ...

Burial transcriptions, from the Burial Registers 1811 - 1961, by Linda Richardson, Gillian Melton and Joan Harrison.
A Gallery
WW1 Soldiers' Memorial Autograph Book;
150th Sunday School Anniversary Booklet including a Brief History of the church activities
A list of Ministers who have served on the Oldham Circuit, and later the Shaw & Royton Circuit, from 1791
Sheila Goodyear

Opening page HERE

'The Railways Come to Oldham'

NOW, at last, we have a new and ongoing project!
It has been instigated by Stephen Darlington.

The research, hopefully, will be wide ranging. It will cover the lives and stories of those local men who wanted to bring the Railway to Oldham, in 1845, and also the history of the railway itself and of the branch lines.
We are hoping that the names on the extensive list of initial subscribers will be of interest to those with Oldham ancestry who might wish to do a little of their own family research and contribute the stories to the project pages.
The opening and introductory page is HERE

On-going project by Pat Etchells
"Murders and other Criminal goings on in Oldham"

The opening and introductory page is HERE

If you have an interest in volunteering to research material, of particular interest to yourself, for inclusion on the website, please get in touch with us to discuss it. We would love to hear from you.

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