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Although the Branch now has a new and ongoing project (as of Feb 2022), it is always in need of more volunteers. There is a need for a couple more members on the Branch Committee ... we wouldn't expect you to take on responsibility for a specific role, when you first joined us, unless of course you wished to do so!

Probably little can be worse than going to any society meeting for the first time, when so many people seem to know each other, are in deep conversation and seemingly ignoring a new face. It isn't that they're are unfriendly, probably just involved in catching up with friends with mutual interests ... but that doesn't make the visitor feel any better!

Looking to the not too distant future, now, when our meetings in the Library can start again, we would like to be seen as a group that truly welcomes both newcomers and members alike, so that no-one need feel solitary in the middle of the crowd. It would be lovely to have a couple of volunteers to 'meet and greet' visitors to our monthly meetings, to help newcomers and regulars alike to feel welcome, or to answer any general queries that they might have, or perhaps chat for a few minutes about the reason for their coming. Were they thinking of joining? Did they have particular FH interests ... etc.

We offer coffee and biscuits on arrival ... again, it would be great if a volunteer could take over directing new visitors to help themselves.

And, of course we are always looking for volunteers to contribute to our articles, databases and projects as outlined on the Projects page.

There may be other ways in which you feel you might wish to volunteer ... if so, please get in touch with Linda, our chairman, at < This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. > and we can chat some more.

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