The History of Carnival - an online talk for Black History Month

12 Oct 2022, online via Zoom, 7.00pm

An online talk for Black History Month in collaboration with Archives+ at Manchester Central Library, given by Linford Sweeney. 

The history of the Caribbean Carnival is a complex one. It is more than a celebration of colourful costumes, music, and dance. Historically, it an interesting mix of eighteenth-century European masquerade events, Christian practices, African traditions, and freedom from slavery. Also, in the Caribbean, it is a yearlong celebration; and now takes place around the world. We can be easily distracted by the costumes, music, and dance, but these celebrations have great historical and cultural significance.

Linford Sweeney, a Black history educator, genealogist, and author, with seventeen years’ experience in delivering courses, talks, workshops, and projects to a wide variety of organisations, including schools, colleges, universities, local authorities, health services, private companies, and the African and Caribbean communities in the UK and abroad.


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Date: 12 October 2022
Day: Wednesday, 7.00pm
Venue: Online via Zoom
Speaker: Linford Sweeney
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Cost: members - free of charge 
Cost: non-members - free of charge

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