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Trafford Road Swing Bridge: Hilary Hartigan

We hold many of our meetings in Manchester, at the Manchester Central Library, but our area of interest is much greater than that - Manchester, Salford, Trafford, Thameside and part of Lancashire, roughly what is now Greater Manchester. The Trafford Road Bridge, shown above, links Salford on the left and Trafford on the right with the Manchester ship canal flowing beneath. Add to that the mix of old and new architecture and we have the modern scene - remembering where we came from and looking forward.

Normally we would hope to fill this page with things to do that relate to our local and family history, events at the Library, a family history fair at Stretford, a canal event nearby but, at the time of the writing, we are learning the new art of online meetings and gatherings, of digital conversations on forums and of learning by video. It's all good, it's not going to go away, but we are looking to a time when we can cross that bridge and meet people again at meetings, fairs and cultural events, wherever in Manchester and Lancashire they might be.

We hope you will follow this page often and we shall try to bring you news of upcoming events, be they real or virtual.

Researching Hulme: Resources

Some resources that might help you in your search for Ancestors from the Hulme area of Manchester.

Manchester & Lancashire Family History Society

Our Records - of Manchester Ancestors

Databases and Documents

Our guide to our datasets and documents is a great place to start exploring our collections. Here you can see what records we hold, which records are available in the public area and which are for members only. 

Hundreds of datasets make up the nearly 3,000,000 records in our database, some datasets can be searched separately and all can be search from the Search button at the top of the page. Follow the link to see our illustrated guide.

1,541 deaths added from scutari Hospital, Crimea

MLFHS: added 11 September 2020

1,320 BMD records added from Manchester Courier

MLFHS: added 11 September 2020

85 death records added from Withington Hospital

MLFHS: Added 11 September 2020

6,650 Burials Added From St Mark, Cheetham

MLFHS: added 27 July 2020

2,245 Records Added from Bolton Workhouse Creed Books

MLFHS: 10 July 2020