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MLFHS War Memorial Inscriptions

The search facility provides access to a number of war memorial inscriptions relating to war memorials in Greater Manchester.

Entering a surname into the search box below should return a list of memorials relating to that surname. If no details are returned, no memorials are listed. There are options for exact (letter perfect) matches and near matches as defined by Soundex codes. There is currently no facility to accept "wild card" characters in the surnames submitted.

Please note that the Society is unable to provide any further information beyond that contained in the database.

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Ranks - Abbreviations

The following abbreviations for military ranks are used in the transcriptions:

1st.Cl.Boy Gnr 1st Class Boy Gunner.
2nd Cl.Wire'n 2nd Class Wireman (RN)
2nd. Lt. 2nd Lieutenant
A/Sman Able Seaman
Air Mech. Air Mechanic
B'man Pte. Bandsman Private
Bmdr. Bombardier
Capt. Captain
C/Sgt., L/Sgt., S/Sgt. & A/Sgt. Colour Sergeant, Lance Sergeant , Staff Sergeant & Acting Sergeant
CSM, A/CSM Company Sergeant Major. Acting Company Sergeant Major
Cpl.. L/Cpl. A/Cpl. Y/Cpl. Corporal, Lance Corporal,  Acting Corporal, Yeoman Corporal.
Dvr. Driver
Dmr. Drummer
F/Eng. Flight Engineer
F/Lt. Flight Lieutenant
F/Sub Lt. Flight Sub Lieutenant
Gds.Man Guardsman
Gnr. Gunner
Gun.Capt Gunnery Captain.
Insp.of Gun'ry. Inspector of Gunnery
Lt. Lieutenant
Maj. Major
Marine Eng'r. Marine Engineer
P.O.Mech. Petty Officer Mechanic
Pnr. Pioneer
Pte. Private
QMS. Quarter Master Sergeant
Rfman Rifleman
Spr. Sapper
Spr. Sapper
Sman. & L/Sman Seaman & Leading Seaman (RN)
S/QM.Sgt. Senior Quarter Master Sergeant
Sgt. Sergeant
S/Major, Batt.S/Maj. Sergeant Major, Battalion Sergeant Major
Sgt/Obs. Sergeant Observer
Sig'r Signaller
Sig'r (Pte.) Signaller (Private)
Sqr.Ldr. Sqadron Leader
Stkr & L/Stkr. & 1st.Cl.Stkr. Stoker, Leading Stoker & 1st Class Stoker (RN)
Sub Lt. Sub Lieutenant (RN)
Trimmer Trimmer
Tpr. Trooper
W/Off.Mech. Warrant Officer Mechanic
W.Telegr. Wireless Telegrapher
Wrn., C/Wrn. Wren, Chief Wren