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MLFHS Catholic Register Index

Search Manchester Roman Catholic parish registers. Coverage details for the index can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Entering a name into the search box below will return register entries relating to that name. There are options for exact (letter perfect) surname matches and near matches as defined by Soundex codes. There is currently no facility to accept "wild card" characters in the surnames submitted.

PLEASE NOTE: Some forenames are recorded in Latin, others in English. If you include a forename in your search, please search under both English and Latin alternatives. Latin grammar involves alternative name endings depending on the role of the person in the record, e.g. William; Gulielmus; Gulielmi; Gulielmum. To help you to locate all instances of the name, you may enter just the first few letters of a forename. For example, entering "Gul" would cover all of the variants above.

Against each result there will be a "More?" option. Clicking on this will provide information where full details of the event can be obtained.

Hints for searching?

CLICK HERE for a list of the churches and registers indexed.