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A World Timeline for 1921


1919-1923 - READ MORE Russia was gripped by one of the worst famines in modern times. More than 5 million people died of starvation and disease.

1921 - READ MORE Publicity Films produced “The Economist” cinema advertising film for Osram Lightbulbs.

1921 - READ MORE All motor vehicles required to display a vehicle excise duty (tax) disk (from 1 Jan). Abolished Oct 2014. (See also our blog - Taxing Times READ BLOG)

1921 - READ MORE Constable Henry Bowden was shot whilst patrolling in Salford. A fire was later discovered in Shudehill, Manchester (2 Jan).

1921 - Chequers Court, a 16th century manor house in Ellesborough, Bucks, became an official residence of the Prime Minister (8 Jan).

1921 - READ MORE Women sat for the first time at the Old Bailey in London (11 Jan).

1921 - READ MORE First recorded public performance of "sawing a woman in half" given at Finsbury Park Empire theatre in London (17 Jan).

1921 - Royal Navy K-class submarine HMS K5 sank in the English Channel with loss of all crew on board (20 Jan).

1921 - READ MORE Some evidence was withheld from female jurors in a divorce court as they were deemed ”too revolting for women to hear” (25 Jan).

1921 - READ MORE Two trains collided head-on the Cambrian line in Abermule, Montgomeryshire, killing 17 people (26 Jan).

1921 - The Institute of Transport held its first congress in Manchester (27 Jan).

1921 - READ MORE There was a revival of spiritualism with over 6,000 people from Manchester being members of the Spiritualist National Union (1 Feb).

1921 - 421,777 unemployed in the North West, roughly 20% of the insurable people in the area (2 Feb).

1921 - 7,200 ex-service men unemployed in Manchester, thousands of which along with their families are on the verge of starvation (2 Feb).

1921 - Manchester Corporation (General Powers) Bill proposed works to be carried out to the value of £6,300,000 (3 Feb).

1921 - The Manchester branch of the Dickens Fellowship commemorated the 100th anniversary of Charles Dickens birthday (4 Feb).

1921 - An abundance of coal supplies and a sudden fall in demand resulted in Miners working shorter weeks (4 Feb).

1921 - 2,000 children from Manchester schools and institutions saw the pantomime "Jack and the Beanstalk" at the Palace for free (8 Feb).

1921 - Manchester began it's campaign to raise the East Lancashire Territorial Army to its full pre-war strength (8 Feb).

1921 - Manchester College of Technology's lecture on the cotton industry was attended by an audience of one (10 Feb).

1921 - READ MORE Winston Churchill was appointed as Secretary of State for the Colonies (14 Feb).

1921 - £655 9s. 4d. was raised by students during their revels. The money went to the Manchester and Salford hospitals (14 Feb).

1921 - READ MORE Dr. Temple, the new Bishop of Manchester, was enthroned at the Manchester Cathedral (15 Feb).

1921 - Part of a building fell onto the railway track after damage was caused by a fire at Nicholson Street, Manchester (16 Feb).

1921 - READ MORE Warren G. Harding was sworn in as the 29th president of the USA (4 Mar).

1921 - The first female jurors in Scotland sat on a theft case in Edinburgh Sheriff Court (10 Mar).

1921 - READ MORE The Anglo-Soviet Trade Agreement was signed between the UK and Russian (16 Mar).

1921 - READ MORE The Conservative Party leader, Andrew Bonar Law, resigned from Lloyd George's Coalition due to ill health (17 Mar).

1921 - Marie Stopes opens Mothers' Clinic (first birth control clinic) at 61 Marlborough Road, Holloway, North London (17 Mar).

1921- READ MORE Soviet Russia and Poland signed the Treaty of Riga, establishing a permanent border between the two countries (18 Mar).

1921 - Fires, believed to be of incendiary origin, occurred at three of Manchester parks - Whitworth, Queen's and Boggart Hole Clough (21 Mar).

1921 - READ MORE The Grand National at Aintree, Lancashire was finished by only 4 out of 35 runners (26 Mar).

1921 - READ MORE London and North-Western Railway Company announced its proposition to acquire the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway (26 Mar).

1921 - READ MORE Boys' 25 mile walking race, Rusholme to Alderley Edge, was won by Robert Parkes (14 yrs), in 4 hours, 39 mins and 16 secs (26 Mar).

1921 - READ MORE Actor and writer Dirk Bogarde was born 'Derek Jules Gaspard Ulric Niven van den Bogaerde' in Hampstead, England (28 Mar).

1921 - READ MORE The government de-controlled the mines and railways. Wage reductions for miners were postponed until this date (31 Mar).

1921 - Austen Chamberlain appointed Leader of the House of Commons, succeeding Bonar Law. (1 Apr)

1921 - The lockout of striking coal miners began after miners refused to accept a reduction in pay (1 Apr).

1921 - READ MORE The British R36 airship took her first trial flight over Glasgow and Renfrew before returning to the base at Inchinnan (1 Apr).

1921 - READ MORE Manchester police raided an Irish Club in Erskine Street, Hulme, Manchester, which was being used by the IRA as their HQ (2 Apr).

1921 - Coal rationing began in Great Britain (3 Apr).

1921 - READ MORE National Emergency was declared in response to the general strike by 5 million labourers (8 Apr).

1921 - An annular solar eclipse took place, visible from northern Scotland (8 Apr)

1921 - READ MORE Mathematician and aerospace engineer Mary Jackson nee Winston was born in Virginia, USA (9 Apr).

1921 - Defence Force established to deal with expected general strike (9 Apr) Demobilised 9 Jul. (See also our blog - Give Peace a Chance READ BLOG)

1921 - READ MORE Fox, Fowler, and Company, the last commercial note-issuing bank in England and Wales, bought out by Lloyds Bank (13 Apr).

1921 - 8th Battalion Manchester Regiment (Territorials) was the most popular recruiting station for the National Defence Force (14 Apr).

1921 - READ MORE Coal miners begin strike (15 Apr). Not supported by rail and transport workers (Black Friday) (See also our blog - Baby it's Cold Outside - READ BLOG)

1921 - Notice issued that Trafford Park to have supplies of fuel, gas and electric power restricted to 50% of that used in March (19 Apr).

1921 - Manchester Corporation Town Planning Committee found work for 400 ex-servicemen (19 Apr).

1921 - Manchester Corporation Gas Committee reduced street lighting on city outskirts after stockpile of coke supplies were rapidly depleted (22 Apr).

1921 - READ MORE Tottenham Hotspur F.C. beat Wolverhampton Wanderers 1–0 in the FA Cup Final at Stamford Bridge (23 Apr).

1921 - Police patrol London on motorcycles for the first time (26 Apr)

1921 - Professional boxer Sugar Ray Robinson was born 'Walker Smith Jr' in Georgia USA (3 May).

1921 - READ MORE The of Ireland took place, dividing the country into two self-governing governments (3 May).

1921 - READ MORE Coco Chanel introduced her first perfume "Chanel No. 5" (5 May).

1921 - READ MORE Final reparation bill at 132 billion gold marks for Germany to pay in compensation for the devastation inflicted by WWI (5 May).

1921 - READ MORE Lowest ever attendance of 13 paying spectators at a football match between Leicester City and Stockport County at Old Trafford (5 May).

1921 - READ MORE Manchester Guardian celebrated its centenary (05 May) (125 KB).

1921 - READ MORE Clara Walkden, of Oldham Borough Police, became the first known female officer with powers of arrest (9 May)

1921 - READ MORE The British Legion was formed, bringing together four national organisations established after the WWI (15 May).

1921 - READ MORE Frederick Banting and Charles Best began experiments on the effects of Insulin on Diabetes, in Toronto, Canada (17 May).

1921 - READ MORE Ellis Island was placed under its first ever quarantine following a death from typhus (18 May).

1921 - READ MORE The Emergency Quota Act went into effect in the USA and the 'open door' policy ended (19 May).

1921 - READ MORE The annual Roman Catholic procession took place through Manchester, featuring over 20,000 people (20 May).

1921 - READ MORE The USA beat the UK 9 rounds to 3 in the first golf international between the two countries. Now known as the Ryder Cup (22 May).

1921 - READ MORE The Ulster Unionists won 40 out of 52 seats in Northern Ireland in the Irish General Elections (24 May).

1921 - READ MORE Prince Hirohito, crown prince of Japan, visited Manchester for a three-day tour of the city and Manchester Ship Canal (24 May).

1921 - READ MORE Whimsical Walker, (later to become one of the UK's oldest clowns), appeared at the Imperial Circus in Manchester (31 May).

1921 - READ MORE The Tulsa Race Riot took place over 2 days.White mobs attacked residents, homes and businesses in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA (31 May).

1921 - READ MORE Plans provisionally approved to convert the Theatre Royal, Manchester into a cinema, with dancing hall and restaurant (2 Jun).

1921 - READ MORE The first meeting of the new Parliament of Northern Ireland took place in Belfast City Hall with James Craig as first Prime Minister (7 Jun).

1921 - READ MORE HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh was born in Corfu, Greece (10 Jun).

1921 - Census Day, postponed from 24 April owing to industrial unrest (19 Jun)

1921 - King George V officially opened the "Northern Parliament" in Ireland (22 Jun).

1921 - READ MORE Maiden flight of the world's largest airship, R38, took place at Bedford (23 Jun). Hangars can still be seen off the A421.

1921 - READ MORE Hyde War Memorial unveiled (25 Jun)

1921 - The coal strike ended with miners returning to work defeated. Pay cuts were accepted with no national bargaining (28 Jun).

1921 - READ MORE The Chinese Communist Party was founded (1 Jul).

1921 - READ MORE Importation of Plumage Act passed (1 Jul)

1921 - Lord Mayor's Pageant Parade took place to mark Manchester's adoption of Mézières, France on 10 June 1920 (2 Jul).

1921 - Prince of Wales visits Manchester (7 Jul)

1921 - READ MORE Bloody Sunday: clashes between Catholics and Protestants in Belfast (10 Jul).

1921 - READ MORE Actress and First Lady Nancy Reagan was born (as Anne Frances Robbins) in New York, USA (06 Jul).

1921 - READ MORE The Irish War of Independence officially came to an end with a truce between British and Irish forces (11 Jul).

1921 - READ MORE Harry George Hawker, chief test pilot for Sopwith, killed in air crash (12 Jul)

1921 - READ MORE Astronaut and US Senator John Glenn was born in Ohio, USA (18 Jul).

1921 - 16 Sinn Fein members were found guilty in connection with incendiary fires at Manchester (18 Jul).

1921 - READ MORE Rain delayed the start of the fourth test match between England and Australia at Old Trafford, Manchester (23 Jul)

1921 - England and Australian cricket teams went on a trip along the canal to Liverpool, returning by special train (24 Jul).

1921 - Dentists Act passes permitting only registered dentists to practice. Effective from 30 Nov 1922. (28 Jul)

1921 - READ MORE Adolf Hitler became the leader of the National Socialist German Workers’ (Nazi) Party (29 Jul).

1921 - READ MORE A Ministry of Labour scheme to return 50,000 ex-service men to work failed after only 202 men were found jobs (9 Aug).

1921 - READ MORE Benefits paid to over 3,000,000 unemployed or partially-unemployed workers - a quarter of the working population in June 1921 (12 Aug).

1921 - READ MORE Education Act extended school leaving age to 14 and introduced free primary education (19 Aug).

1921 - READ MORE Screenwriter, producer and creator of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry was born 'Eugene Wesley Roddenberry' in Texas, USA (19 Aug).

1921 - Unemployment falls to 1,640,600 (19 Aug).

1921 - READ MORE Miners strike increased cost of free school meals. As a result, many undernourished children could not get any meals (19 Aug).

1921 - Clayton War Memorial unveiled (21 Aug)

1921 - READ MORE R38 Airship crashes due to structural failure. 45 killed, 5 survivors. (23 Aug)

1921 - READ MORE The Treaty of Berlin signed by the USA and Germany, signed the Treaty of Berlin ending WWI for the United States (25 Aug).

1921 - READ MORE Franklin Delano Roosevelt was diagnosed as having polio after paralytic illness struck whilst on holiday (25 Aug).

1921 - England beat Australia in the final Test Match at Eastbourne, East Sussex, England (30 Aug).

1921 - READ MORE The first Miss America pageant first took place. Designed to attract tourists to Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA (8 Sep).

1921 - READ MORE Charlie Chaplin was met by thousands when visiting London to publicise his first feature length film "The Kid" (9 Sep).

1921 - READ MORE The Shackleton-Rowett Expedition set sail for Antarctica marking the end of the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration (17 Sep).

1921 - READ MORE A pageant and procession was held to raise £10,000 for the Salford Royal Hospitals (17 Sep).

1921 - Margaret Wintringham became the first ever female Liberal MP in 1921, and the third woman elected to the House of Commons (23 Sep).

1921 - READ MORE George Oswald Edward (10 yrs) walked 25 miles from Manchester to Blackpool, in 11 hours and 43 minutes, setting a new world record (24 Sep).

1921 - READ MORE New York Yankee pitcher Babe Ruth hit his 59th home-run of the season, breaking his previous single season record of 54 (26 Sep).

1921 - READ MORE Albert Einstein visits Manchester (30 Sep).

1921 - READ MORE L. S. Lowry exhibited work alongside two other artists in an architect’s offices in Manchester (Oct).

1921 - READ MORE R. Wallwork won the 9th annual Manchester to Blackpool walk walking 51.5 miles in 8 hrs, 53 minutes and 37 seconds (1 Oct).

1921 - READ MORE The steamer SS Rowan sank off the coast of Scotland. 37 people lose their lives (8 Oct).

1921 - READ MORE King George V opened Manchester's new Royal Exchange (9 Oct). See also our blog article. READ BLOG

1921 - The Irish Treaty Conference opened in London (11 Oct).

1921 - READ MORE Male students rioted in Cambridge after women became entitled to titular degrees (20 Oct).

1921 - READ MORE The first women became barristers in Ireland (01 Nov). The first woman was called to the English Bar in 1922.

1921 - READ MORE Actor Charles Bronson was born 'Charles Dennis Buchinsky' in Pennsylvania, USA (3 Nov).

1921 - Stalybridge war Memorial inaugurated (6 Nov)

1921 - READ MORE The unidentified soldier from WWI was interred in the "Tomb of the Unknown Soldier" at Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia, USA (11 Nov).

1921 - READ MORE The British Legion held the first official Poppy Day, raising over £106,000 (11 Nov).

1921 - READ MORE Banting and Best deliver the first paper on the results of their research of Insulin (14 Nov).

1921 - READ MORE Anglo-Irish Treaty signed (6 Dec)

1921 - READ MORE Last person was imprisoned for blasphemous libel in England (09 Dec).

1921 - READ MORE Frederick Soddy, from Sussex, won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry (10 Dec).

1921 - READ MORE Albert Einstein received the Nobel Prize for his services to Theoretical Physics (10 Dec).

1921 - READ MORE The Four-Power Treaty was signed between the United States, France, the United Kingdom, and Japan (13 Dec).

1921 - READ MORE The Anglo-Irish Treaty was ratified (16 Dec).

1921 - The Adelphi Ragged School and Lads' Club moved to new premises in Cannon Street, Salford (19 Dec).

1921 - Manchester Education Committee to feed school children over Christmas (19 Dec).

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