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Census 1921 - Baby it's Cold Outside

09 April 2021

Baby it's Cold Outside!

We think of our ancestors homes with only a coal fired stove to cook with and a small fireplace for warmth we may imagine them to be delightful and cosy but few perhaps consider the practicalities of the situation.  In winter, there would have been times when it was so cold that ice would form on the inside of the bedroom windows, it may have been impossible to take a bath because the bathroom was so bitterly cold.. Therefore, in 1921 when the miners took  decisive strike action against pay cuts it was a disastrous turn of events for everyone.

Census 1921 - It's Coming

16 March 2021

It's Coming!

As family historians Sunday 21 March is probably a date we all have circled on our calendars.  This is because we know how important it is to provide information in order to be counted for the Office of National Statistics (ONS).  Maybe secretly we are hoping that the information we provide today will be as useful for our descendants as previous census material has been for us.

Census 1921 - Taxing Times

07 March 2021

Taxing Times

Now just a rapidly fading memory, the car tax disk made its first appearance on 1 January 1921. For nearly 100 years replacing the tax disk was one of the annual motoring rituals.

Present Arms!

21 January 2021

Imagine a highly virulent virus, of unknown origin, which was killing thousands of people young and old.  And, the only way to stop it sweeping though communities and save inhabitants was to develop a vaccine and inoculate the population.  The government would no doubt need to establish a vaccination policy and in fact make it compulsory.

Alternative Facts

06 December 2020

"You're saying it's a falsehood and Sean Spicer, our press secretary, gave alternative facts to that" (Kellyanne Conway, 22 Jan 2017). But it isn't just presidential inaugurations which give rise to "Alternative Facts", we may find our own family research produces more than one picture of the story.

Put that light out!

02 November 2020

If you know anything about the Second World War on the home front, you will know about the blackout. You have probably heard the catchphrase "Put that light out!", but what if you didn't?

Deaths at Scutari Hospital

24 October 2020

What became of those ancestors who just disappear from the records? Perhaps they died in a foreign field. Thousands died in the Crimea campaign of 1854-56 the considerable majority from illness rather than action. Could your lost ancestor be one of them?

Schrodinger's Mother-in-law

14 October 2020

What links a thought experiment created to illustrate a concept in quantum physics and the 1939 index? You have possibly heard of Schrodinger's Cat, but what about Schrodinger's Mother-in-Law?