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1921 Census: The Two George Formbys

20 September 2021

Or was it more? We all think we know George Formby, but his father was a singer and comedian too, and had his imitators. Find out more about George's family background.

1921 Census: Manchester Cumann na mBan

06 September 2021

Cumann na mBan (Irishwomen’s Council) was formed by a group of Irish women in Dublin in April 1914, “…to organise Irishwomen to advance the cause of Irish liberty and to assist in arming and equipping a body of Irishmen for the defence of Ireland”.

1921 Census - Dick, Kerr Ladies (Part 2)

02 August 2021

Dick, Kerr Ladies

In Part 1 we learned about the team. Read on for some biographical information about members of the team.

1921 Census - Dick, Kerr Ladies (Part 1)

02 August 2021

Dick, Kerr Ladies

Women's football is now an increasingly popular sport, but in 1921 it was a controversial issue. The Dick, Kerr ladies football team were trailblazers ahead of their time.

1921 Census - The Census in Scotland

27 July 2021

Scenic view of Quiraing mountains

The census in Scotland is in many ways the same as in England - but there are some important differences too. Read more about how the census was organised.

1921 Census - All that Jazz!

22 July 2021

Jazz Band - Dr. Avishai Teicher Pikiwiki Israel (Creative Commons)

The soundtrack of the 'Roaring Twenties' was jazz - or so we might think. But when it first arrived, jazz met with a less than enthusiastic reception in Britain.

1921 Census: Ireland

12 July 2021

(Harp logo copyright: Creative Commons)

New records that might shed light on our Irish Ancestors are always cause for excitement. So with the release of the 1921 census in England & Wales can we look forward to viewing the 1921 census for Ireland?

1921 Census - Silver Screen

06 July 2021

By the 1920s a night at the movies was an increasingly popular entertainment option. Over 2,500 movies were released in 1921, but how many are remembered today?