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1921 Census - Dick, Kerr Ladies (Part 1)

02 August 2021

Dick, Kerr Ladies

Women's football is now an increasingly popular sport, but in 1921 it was a controversial issue. The Dick, Kerr ladies football team were trailblazers ahead of their time.

1921 Census - The Census in Scotland

27 July 2021

Scenic view of Quiraing mountains

The census in Scotland is in many ways the same as in England - but there are some important differences too. Read more about how the census was organised.

1921 Census - All that Jazz!

22 July 2021

Jazz Band - Dr. Avishai Teicher Pikiwiki Israel (Creative Commons)

The soundtrack of the 'Roaring Twenties' was jazz - or so we might think. But when it first arrived, jazz met with a less than enthusiastic reception in Britain.

1921 Census: Ireland

12 July 2021

(Harp logo copyright: Creative Commons)

New records that might shed light on our Irish Ancestors are always cause for excitement. So with the release of the 1921 census in England & Wales can we look forward to viewing the 1921 census for Ireland?

1921 Census - Silver Screen

06 July 2021

By the 1920s a night at the movies was an increasingly popular entertainment option. Over 2,500 movies were released in 1921, but how many are remembered today?

1921 Census - Grace and Favour

29 June 2021

For most people in 2021, the name Gracie Fields conjures up an elderly, dignified white haired woman who hailed from Rochdale and retired to the Isle of Capri. But in 1921, Gracie was just entering the prime of her career.

1921 Census - George Mainwaring

24 June 2021

George Mainwaring: A Rochdale Artist

In our continuing series for 1921 we have been looking at all aspects of the 1920's.  In today's blog we are shining a spotlight on local Rochdale man George Mainwaring.  George was a Rochdale artist who wrote and illustrated for the Rochdale Observer in the 1960's.

1921 Census - The Theatre Royal

16 June 2021

The royal arms appear above a statue of Shakespeare over the door, but what is this sadly neglected building on Peter Street?