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I Could Have Been a Judge...

06 January 2024

...but I didn't have the Latin for the judgin'.

So, I became a family historian, but is my lack of Latin still a problem? Well, yes and no. You can get a long way with a few key words and even further with a new online friend.

Find out how.

Who you gonna call?

26 August 2023

When a stranger dies,
In your neighbourhood,
Who you gonna call?, not them ... try the council's Funeral Officer.

(With apologies to Ray Parker Jun.)

Greaves Street, Oldham

12 June 2023

Saturday, 10th June 2023, a beautiful summer’s day and I took the tram to Oldham, an earlier tram than usual (1) as I wanted to look around the town, see more than just the Oldham Central Metrolink Stop, and explore Oldham’s history – what better opportunity would I have than a day when the hot sun and clear skies brought every brick and stone building to colourful, vibrant life?

The Clarion Cafe

28 January 2023

It is between the wars and you are dining in a William Morris style dining room with oak panelled walls, stained glass panels, murals and stylish furniture? Perhaps you are a wealthy businessman who can afford to dine in style on company expenses? Perhaps it is a special occasion. No, you are an ordinary working man and dine there frequently. Welcome to the Clarion cafe.

New War Memorial Unveiled

22 October 2022

On Monday 17 October 2022, Warrant Officer Rodney Wallace of the Royal Australian Air Force unveiled a new war memorial in Walton Park, Sale to commemorate the crew of a Wellington Bomber, which crashed in the park in 1943. The memorial, a granite plinth, with a polished marble panel, was installed largely as the result of the efforts of George Cogswell, a local historian and a member of this society.

The air crew of the bomber were five members of the Royal Australian Air Force and one member of the Royal Air Force.

BBC is 100 Years Old

17 October 2022

 Please Tune Your Radio Sets… It is 1922 and the BBC is coming to a set near you…

Happy anniversary to the BBC[i]! Now, readers[ii], if you wouldn’t mind just moving a comfortable chair next to your radio set and ensuring that you can tune in easily and quickly to 400, 425 and 450 metres, ask your wife to be sure to have dinner ready early and have the children settled so that you and your family will not be interrupted during this inaugural broadcast.

Stalybridge War Memorial

03 November 2021

For many families 1921 was a year of mixed blessings; there was the relief of a slow return to 'normal' life in peacetime, but there were also decisions to be made about remembering the menfolk who did not return from the war. 

1921 Census: Oh No It Isn't!

30 September 2021

What did we do to entertain the family at Christmas a century ago? We went to the pantomime of course, just like today - Same titles, plot lines, same jokes!