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The 'Manchester Genealogist' is the MLFHS Quarterly journal. It includes information from and about the 'Anglo-Scottish', 'Bolton & District', 'Oldham & District' and the 'Irish Ancestry' Branches (unfortunately, the 'Irish Ancestry Branch is resting at present). In the Journal pages you will find the usual 'housekeeping' information such as the Society Officers, Chairman's Spot, a three-month programme of meetings for the Branches and notice of the main Quarterly Meeting Day in Manchester, etc. There are articles on Family History Research (contributed by society members). There is a section for Society News, including the Bookshop, an account of the latest Quarterly Meeting talks and more incidental news. Each of the Branches has its own pages, the contents of which are contributed by the Branch. They can include accounts of recent talks, events in which the Branch has taken part, articles of particular interest to the District and notice of anything to which the Branch wants to bring the readers' attention.

Members of the MLFHS, have access to browse or search, all the archived journals, from the Society's inception in 1964 to the present day :
You can make a search of the 'Manchester Genealogist', by name or keyword etc., in the Database.
You can browse the complete list of the 'Manchester Genealogist', Here to download each, as a .pdf file to read in its entirety.
You can follow a link to browse and download archived 'Exchange Journals', from over forty other FH societies, from the Member's Page.

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