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October Online Meeting - the Fromelles Genealogy Project

1 October 2022 - online via Zoom


In May 2008 the remains of 250 WW1 soldiers were uncovered in a mass grave in France and this led to the instigation of a ground-breaking project to uncover their identities via DNA testing, anthropological data and genealogical research. This presentation will tell the story of the Fromelles Project with a specific focus on how genealogical detective work has so far helped to identify 166 of the soldiers and give them named graves in the first military cemetery to be built in France since WW11. It will also tell the stories of some of the fallen soldiers, introduce the 'Commemorating The Missing' Project and give a brief explanation of how to research WW1 soldiers and trace DNA appropriate relatives.

Michelle Leonard

Michelle is a Scottish professional genealogist, DNA detective, freelance researcher, speaker, author, historian and the official genetic genealogist of #AncestryHour. Researching her own family tree has been her lifelong passion and she channels that passion into her work.

Event Details

  • Date: 1 October 2022
  • Saturday, 2.00pm
  • Venue: online via Zoom
  • Speaker: Michelle Leonard
  • Booking: Eventbrite
  • Cost: members - free of charge
  • Cost: visitors - £3
  • Image credit: DNA at Pixably, montage HH.


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All of the Society meetings since November 2020, when meetings recommenced online. Where available, speakers notes are kept by each section. The list includes upcoming meetings and therefore provides a good overview of our meetings programme.

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