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About Us

Family History is a Shared Experience
We Love What We Do

One evening in February 1964 a group of workers from the Avro aircraft factory in Chadderton got together at the Gardeners Arms in Moston to share their interest in family history. A society emerged from this first meeting, which nearly six decades later has an international membership, and is one of the largest and most active family history societies in the United Kingdom.

Authentic Tradition

Presidents of the Society

We now have over 3 million records in our searchable database. Some records are free to view, others require a member log-in to view. From our first meeting we have striven to find, save and record information that will help families in Manchester and worldwide to trace their family histories. Over the years our valued presidents have helped us to forge and create links  within the community that help us to achieve our aims.

Authentic Tradition
We Recognise Value and Service

The Manchester Genealogist has, traditionally, been the public face of the society, where members shared their work, whether it be a personal transcription of records (later added to the Great Database), an extract of a personal family history or an article of local or further-reaching topical research which will have a more general appeal to the readers of the journal, each edition has been an eclectic mix of information from the society and from the branches. For a few years, now, this has been recognised by the annual award of the Earwkaker. 

Authentic Tradition

More about the history of the MLFHS

  • Presidents of the Society, past and present

  • Officers of the Society, past and present

  • Fellowship awards to recognise service given

  • Winners of the Earwaker Prize and winners of previous prizes

  • Important archives preserved by the society

Visit us at the Manchester Central Library

A visit to the Manchester Central Library has much to recomment. The MLFHS helpdesk is open from 10.30 - 3.30 each weekday, and is part of a large suite of public computers and microfiche readers. Our helpdesk volunteers can help you with access to online sites, with handling the microfiche and in pointing you towards the adjacent local history library shelves, Archives+ reading rooms and the North West Film Archive.