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Bolton FHS has a long history of undertaking Project Work and this has resulted in more than 40 Bolton specific documents/databases in the Online Data area of the MLFHS webpages. A list of all the completed Bolton projects can be found in the Members Area / Document Collection. There is usually transcribing work available, the size of which varies, and it normally involves use of an Excel worksheet specifically designed for that job.

There is a long running project to transcribe the Creed Registers of the Bolton Workhouse being undertaken. These registers record the name, religion, age, dates of arrival & departure etc. of the inmates. More than 25,000 lines of data have already been transcribed but there is more to do. The records have been photographed and they now need transcribing into Excel worksheets, a job you can do at home. The photographs are of pages which are between A4 and A3 in size.

Bolton Workhouse, Creed Registers

If you are interested in helping with transcribing please contact the Project Officer, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hall i’th’ Wood,

Home of Samuel Compton, inventor of the Spinning Mule, which was a breakthrough in cotton yarn production.

Reproduced with permission from David Whenlock