Our Featured Meetings

Our meetings are usually held on the 1st Wednesday of the month. Whilst these meetings have been arranged, it may be that Covid-19 regulations could change at any time. Please check here before travelling to find out about times and safety requirements for the meeting.

A Grandmothers Legacy: my family history

7 Sep 2022 - Online

Jenny Mallin - is a 'Berkshire-based award-winning author and public speaker', Best In World cookbook award winner for 2017 by the prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook Society for her book "A Grandmother's Legacy"

A fascinating insight into five generations of her family who lived during the days of the British Raj in India. Seen through the eyes of their granddaughter, Jenny captures a period of British history through her Powerpoint presentations with extensive collection of family sepia photographs, and manages to bring her stories to life: her grandmothers' lives as memsahibs and the "legacy" that Jenny has been given, a 170 year old cookbook penned by Jenny's great 4 x grandmother in 1844 when she was aged just 15 and a newly-wed bride, married to an English schoolmaster. Jenny also describes her grandfathers, uncles and relatives who served in the British Army as early as 1798, The Royal Indian Navy, the Railways in Madras, a co-founder of an English Medium School in India in the early 18th century and a great uncle who rose up through the ranks of the ICS to become Postmaster General in the telegraph industry.

Exploring Family History, a Beginners guide

5 Oct 2022 - Hybrid

Kate Hurst - is a member of Ormskirk and District FHS, and has been their Chair since 2018. I have had a passion for family history since my late teens, and have spent endless hours tracing my own ancestors at the Lancashire Archives in Preston. In 2011, I finally took my parents’ advice and started doing research for other people, which has taken me in all sorts of directions, including background work for Sir Ian McKellen’s episode of Who Do You Think You Are?, and assisting with a Yale University project about British bills of exchange from the 1750-1850 period. 

When the archives were closed during the COVID-19 lockdowns, I created a family history YouTube channel, which I use to practice ideas for new projects, including a talk on a 1670s midwife, and looking for clues about family and social history resources in Jane Austen’s work. 

This talk is suitable for newcomers or those who like to research online and has a distinct Lancashire theme. Using family information as a starting point I use my family as a case study to show how researchers can use census records, parish records, and resources at the Lancashire Archives to add colour to their family story. A second case study from one of my research commissions demonstrates how people with connections to the Leeds Liverpool canal boat families can explore their ancestry. After a quick browse through the boat family's website ODFHS Boat Families a number of people on there were born in Bolton, Farnworth, Little Lever etc and at least one had parents from Cheshire and a boating/watermen connection going back 3 generations. Much more to explore.

  • Date: 5th Oct 2022
  • Wednesday 7.30pm
  • Bolton Golf Club & Online via Zoom
  • Speaker: Kate Hurst
  • Booking: Eventbrite details here

Records and Research Using the CWGC Archives

2 Nov 2022 - Hybrid

James Hutton - has had an interest in both military and political history for many years. He recently retired from the NHS and he is now undertaking volunteer roles with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission both as a speaker and visiting, conducting surveys and simple maintenance of War Graves and memorials.

His main interest focuses on the 1982 Falkland’s Campaign with emphasis on both the naval engagements as well as the diplomatic negotiations.

James keeps busy in his spare time as an instructor with the Army Cadet Force, teaching military and other skills to young adults. He is also trying to keep on top of the rust on his classic Rover from the 1970’s.

The talk “Records and Research Using the CWGC Archives” will cover the history of the CWGC archive and how to access its contents, as well as examples of some of the highlights from over 10,000 documents and personal papers. This is in addition to records of over 1.6 million British and Commonwealth casualties.

  • Date: 2nd Nov 2022
  • Wednesday 7.30pm
  • Bolton Golf Club & Online via Zoom
  • Speaker: James Hutton
  • Booking: To Follow

Christmas Words and Music

7 Dec 2022 - Hybrid

Geoff Scargill - has told us he is a retired headteacher and magistrate. I love music, cricket, politics and history. I am a distant relative of Arthur! I am the chair of the Watkin Society, which aims to make known a forgotten great man of the 19th century, Sir Edward Watkin MP, and have just had a book published about him: “Victoria’s Railway King”.

Geoff gives talks to support a professor, who is a cancer specialist, and led the team that performed an 8-hour op. on our son, Peter. He said it was the most complicated operation he had ever performed. I decided to pay him back literally, by giving talks. 

Geoff comes highly recommended. 

More festive arrangements to be announced nearer the time. 

  • Date: 7th Dec 2022
  • Wednesday 7.30pm
  • Bolton Golf Club & Online via Zoom
  • Speaker: Geoff Scargill
  • Booking: To Follow

Where we meet

Our Meeting Rooms

From April 2022 We intend to hold our meetings at Bolton Golf Club, Chorley New Road, Bolton, BL6 4AJ. There is ample seating and also room for a helpdesk, and a stationery (for sale) table. Coffee and tea is available and the bar is open. The room opens at 7-00pm for the helpdesk and meetings start at 7.30pm.

Our Venue

Bolton Golf Club has ample car parking facilities, access to the first floor is by stairs, and a lift for those with mobility problems. The venue is easy to get to by car and meetings are always popular and well attended.

About Our Meetings

Important Things to Know


From April 2022 physical meetings resumed, with meetings now also broadcast on Zoom. We will keep the system under review as we start to move on after the pandemic.


It is no longer necessary to book for the physical meetings, however we may have to restrict numbers in the room to comply with fire regulations. You still need to book for Zoom attendance.

Check first

As bookings are confirmed we shall provided dates for the meetings. Please check these pages and social media before travelling to ensure that the meetings are able to proceed as planned.

Bolton FHS meetings are usually held at 7.30pm on the first Wednesday of the month (please check first).

[First Floor],
Bolton Golf Club,
Chorley New Road,
Bolton, BL6 4AJ

The Society is a friendly group who are happy to welcome visitors [entrance fee £3] and ALL members of the MLFHS.  Tea / Coffee [£1] is available from 7.00pm, as are drinks from the bar.

The talk starts at 7.30pm. There is a table of free information/advice leaflets and old genealogy magazines and facilities to purchase stationery and various publications, and we have a Help Desk before and after every talk.