What's Happening

Although the Irish Ancestry Branch is resting at the moment, the work of the volunteers continues.

Our volunteers specialise in transcribing Catholic Church records and have acquired considerable knowledge of handwriting, the formats of various record books, of Latin phrases and Latin-ised names. It will not come as a surprise to anyone accustomed to working with old records to know that not all Priests and clerks were particularly skilled in Latin, and our volunteers are adept at working out, occasionally, which Latin phrase the scribe was attempting to write! 

All our visitors are invited to search our Catholic church records index by using the orange Search box at the top of every page. If a record of interest is found, and some of the transcriptions are quite detailed, there is usually a link to our shop, where the corresponding CD can be bought.


Talks for Beginners

Very sadly, we had to cancel these talks for most of 2020, which was disappointing because we had just looked ahead with our first talk of the year by including a short talk on DNA!

Hopefully it won't be long before we can continue these talks, whether real of by internet video. In the meantime, please enjoy looking through all the sections of our website and making the most of our huge database. The society has also made it easy to renew an existing membership online or to join online.

Tait Memorial Clock, Baker Place, Limerick

Tait's Clock, Limerick: Hilary Hartigan

Work in Progress

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