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WALLEY, Frederick William; WALSH, Samuel [with  HUNTINGDON Walter]; WEATHERBURN, [Refers to serviceman whose name is not known]; WILD, Frank; WILLIAMSON, Eric; WOODGATE, Henry; WOODWARD, W H



pdf WALLEY, Frederick William

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WALLEY, Frederick William.pdf

Private, 10943, 3rd Battalion, Manchester Regiment

Frederick WALLEY writes first from France and in August 1916 from Fazackerley Hospital, where he is being treated for a gun shot would to the thigh received at Guillemont. He was a married man (Elizabeth, nee PIGGOTT) and for 15 years before enlisting, a clerk with Bramwell Fern in Manchester, a post to which he returned after demobilisation in 1917. He was left with permanent disability, which manifested in difficulty walking any distance and which ended his cricket playing. He mentions BURDETT and Frank MAYOR (sorry to hear of their injuries) and Harold SMITH (apparently a fellow cricketer). [Most details come from his service record]

pdf WALSH, Samuel

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Private, 646, Royal Army Medical Corps

Samuel WALSH's two letters are written from his lodgings/billet with Mrs. STEAD in Southport, presumably during training. He is lodging with Walter HUNTINGTON (642, RAMC) who signs the second letter. He served also as 354384 in the RAMC and later 88251 in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers.


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Unknown name and military service details

Letter from "Mrs. WEATHERBURN" of Duckhall Cottage, Berwick-upon-Tweed, referring to her brother who is in Hospital in London. She was possibly Isabella BROWN, who married William WEATHERBURN (or WEDDERBURN) in 1901 at Berwick. There is no information by which to identify the soldier concerned.

pdf WILD, Frank

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Driver, 2003, 2/2nd Battalion, E. Lancs. Brigade, Royal Field Artillery (B sub-section, 17th Battery)

Frank WILD's two letters were sent during his early training in Sussex. He is adjusting to the life and reports on going to the cinema, playing billiards and watching the officers vs other ranks rugby match. He mentions Albert CORKER (looked well), Arthur OWEN and Harold SMITH


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Corporal, 18764, 12 Platoon, C Co. 21st Battalion Manchester Regiment

Eric WILKINSON's first letter comes from Grantham, where he is training and "getting fit". By late 1915 he writes from a village (probably) in France, where he talks of being in the trenches alongside the Warwickshire Regiment but is disappointed not to have seen any significant action. He mentions Ted KITCHEN (surprised he had been to the Dardanelles and sorry to hear he was wounded).

pdf WOODGATE, Henry

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6821, C Co., 16th Service Battalion, Manchester Regiment

Henry WOODGATE's first letter is a conversational missive from Grantham where he was training in May 1915. In July 1916 he is writing from Vernon Park Military Hospital, Stockport where he is recovering from wounds to neck and hand. He painfully describes other casualties who have suffered worse injuries and summarises "Oh, Mr. Hill, this is an awful war".

pdf WOODWARD , William Albert

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Private, 1/6th Battalion, Manchester Regiment

Private WOODWARD was the son of William Albert WOODWARD of Moss Side. He writes in August 1915 from the Egyptian Government Hospital at Port Said. He has been wounded, in a bayonet charge at Gallipoli, receiving bullet wounds in the wrist, back and shoulder, but is recovering and mobile. His arm had become septic and amputation was threatened but avoided. He says, therefore, "I have a deal to be thankful for". However, his left hand was subsequently amputated. There is also a postcard from Jesmond, Newcastle, but it is not fully dated and so could have been sent either before or after his service. He was discharged as medically unfit aged 20 years and 9 months, on 10 June 1916 apparently never having fully recovered from his earlier wounds.