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MARSH, Alfred Robert; MASON, George; MILLAR, John H; MILLER, Harold; O'NEILL, George; OWEN, Arthur; OWEN, J; PARRY, J M; PELL-ILDERTON, Leslie; PILLING, J; POLLITT, Leonard


pdf MARSH Alfred Robert

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Rank and Regiment Unknown

A. R. MARSH writes from Alexandria, his two letters sent in 1915 and 1918, four days before the armistice. He writes of encounters with the Turkish army and the problem of flies. The 1911 census shows a 27 year old Alfred Robert MARSH living at 77 Humphrey Street, Old Trafford, the neighbouring house to Harold Hill. His occupation is "wheelwright" which fits with the signature to the second letter "Wheeler A R MARSH". He may be Alfred MARSH, born 1884 Hulme, Private 76901 King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (previously 38247 Liverpool Regiment) shown in pension records (Fold3) who was discharged 29 Aug 1919 and recorded as died 22 Feb 1921. There appears to be no reference to him in the 1921 census, which would fit with this conjecture.

pdf MASON, George Popular

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MASON, George.pdf

Pte., 15482, King's Own Royal Lancashire Regiment

Posted to France but returned to England suffering from trench foot in 1916. Mentions Eddie HORROCKS (also in same regiment), George DODD and Mr. DYER (on Suez Canal, later as promoted sergeant).

pdf MILLAR, John H

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Private , 7586, 16th Battalion, Manchester Regiment

John MILLAR's early letters come from a variety of training camps. He seems to have suffered some injury in training (my leg is getting on fine 27/4/1915). By 1916 he describes himself as a Drummer with the 25th R (Reserve?) Battalion of the Manchesters. Following a long gap, he writes in 1919 from Belgium while waiting for a "Blighty boat", which implies that he served on the Western front. He now describes himself as Corporal 18th K.L.R. (King's Liverpool Regiment?). There is a medal card for Corporal John MILLAR 56322 King's Liverpool Regiment, though this cannot be confidently regarded as the same person. He mentions Arthur ANDERSON (in hospital at Ripon), Jim FRASER (pleased to hear of his recovery), Jim FLEtCHER ("on his road home"), George DODD (now promoted sergeant), Eric WILLIAMSON (has just met) and Wally VOUT(?).

pdf MILLER, Harold

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MILLER, Harold.pdf

Signaller, 869162, 2nd Battalion Manchester Regiment

Harold MILLER writes this single letter from Geistingen, Germany in April 1919. He describes the people as civil and respectful and the family with whom he is billeted as fairly welcoming. He speaks no German and describes how he communicates by signs.

pdf O'NEILL, George

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Private (later Lance Corporal), 1787, 1/7th Manchester Regiment

George O'NEILL first writes from Egypt, some two months after leaving Gallipoli with a fractured ankle, his second wound (previously a bullet through his right leg). Following his recovery, he appears to continue his service in Egypt. He mentions Sid COWAN, Harvey POTTAGE (both now in England) Ernest LESSER, Bugler KELLY,  Clarrie? VARDON (the last two killed)

pdf OWEN, Arthur

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Private, 39322, 26th Battalion Manchester Regiment

Arthur OWEN was from Hulme and an order and cost clerk with James Lee Ltd. He enlisted at the end of 1915. He writes two letters from Altcar and later Tetney while engaged in training. He anticipates posting to France in the near future. He mentions Frank MAYOR (Hopes he recovers from his illness). He was invalided home 2 Mar 1917 and discharged as unfit for further service. He was awarded the Silver War Badge (See service record).

pdf OWEN, John

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Private, 809, Royal Army Medical Corps

John OWEN, a former warehouseman, writes in 1916 from Colchester during his training and then in 1919 from Belgium, awaiting repatriation. He lived in Hulme and enlisted in October 1915, aged 19, but was not posted abroad until March 1917 with the 3rd East Lancashire Regiment. He mentions George DODD (has suggested a ramble following demobilisation), L LEIGH (in hospital with his brother), BENNETT (will write to him).

pdf PARRY, John William

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PARRY, John W.pdf

Rifleman, 1623, 10th Battalion, King's Royal Rifles

Rifleman PARRY writes a single letter in late 1915 or early 1916 from France in which he describes a "boring" Christmas under fire in the trenches. He is recorded as died of wounds 26 June 1916 aged 20 and buried at Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery (Grave VIII. B. 19), Belgium. CWGC record him as the son of John James Parry, of 8, Highfield Rd., Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester.


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Lieutenant, Royal Air Force

This single letter dated 18 January 1919 is signed L PELL-ILDERTON and appears to be from Leslie PELL-ILDERTON, who served as a Lieutenant (acting Captain) in the RAF. He refers to his unwillingness to return to a position as a clerk with the Overseers, which confirms his identity (Leslie PELL-ILDERTON appears in 1911 as a clerk in the Overseers' office). He was born in 1890 and married Alice M BARRETT in 1916 (a marriage to which he refers in the letter). He died in 1976.

pdf PILLING, James

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PILLING, James.pdf

Private, 22928, 25th Service Battalion, Manchester Regiment

James PILLING writes in 1915, first from Morecambe and later from Salisbury, describing various aspects of his military training. In June 1916 he writes from "Somewhere in France" about coming under bombardment and his thankfulness for still being alive after a "narrow escape". He appears later to have transferred to the 23rd Battalion (see Medal Card). He mentions [J. M.] PARRY.