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JONES, J; JONES, Robert; JONES, Thomas Percy Taylor; KERR, James M [McEwen?]; KITCHEN, Edward; LAMBERT, H; LAWTON, Arnold *; LAWTON, Ernest *; LAWTON, Percy James *; LEAH, Walter Harold; LEIGH, Lawrence John [* Brothers]


pdf JONES, Robert

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JONES, Robert.pdf

Driver, East Lancashire Regiment, Engineers

He appears to have served at Gallipoli but in December 1915 is in hospital on Malta apparently suffering from a fever. By 17 February 1916 he is in Egypt serving as batman to the Officer Commanding the mounted men. Includes a letter from his father in Burnley. He mentions 'Sapper' IRWIN (plans to meet) and refers to a sister (unnamed). He also asks of Harold Hill's aunt and "Arthur". He refers to being employed by Smith and Coventry [an engineering company in Ordsall Lane].

pdf JONES, Thomas Percy Taylor

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Lieutenant, Royal Air Force

His one letter dated 11 December 1918 is signed T. P. T. JONES. He gives no service details, but implies that he is an officer. he is almost certainly Thomas Percy Taylor JONES, born 1895, who lived in King Street, Manchester in 1911, the son of Frank JONES, a bank messenger. By the time he enlisted, he appears to have been working for the Manchester Overseers but following the war remained in the RAF until his untimely death on 2 May 1924 in an aircraft crash at Shotwick Aerodrome near Chester. He had married Florence Lilian DIXON in 1923.

pdf KERR, James M Popular

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L/Cpl., 2477, Royal Scots Regiment

Possibly James McEwen KERR who is recorded as living in Moss Side in 1911, then aged 15. James McEwen KERR is recorded in the army pension registers as L/Cpl., 204450, Scottish Rifles and as having died 1978. He writes from training in Peebles about trench digging. He expresses a wish to see some excitement in France or the Dardanelles. Mentions John HYDE, J. LLOYD, LAMBERT and BROOKES.

pdf KITCHEN, Edward

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KITCHEN, Edward.pdf

Private, 571 (later 745), Royal Marine Light Infantry

Pension records suggest that the author (E. KITCHEN) is Edward (Ted) KITCHEN, who is mentioned in other letters. The service details come from pension records on FOLD3. Ted signed up soon after the declaration of war and this appears to have led to some disagreement with Harold. He writes several letters in 1914/1915 and particularly following his return to England after being shot through the hip on 3 May 1915, an injury which seems to have been difficult to treat. He writes a further single letter in 1916 from Gosport in which he mentions Harriet, who appears to be be his girlfriend or fiancee. In 1911, he is listed as a shop assistant for a butcher. In 1919 he and Harriet Matthews were married. In 1921, he and Hariet appear to be living with Harriet's parents in Hulme and he is employed as a limb maker by the British Red Cross.


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Pte. 2582, Regiment unknown (possibly Royal Scots)

Although he does not give his regiment name, Pte Lambert tells us that he is billeted in Edinburgh with Harry BROOKES. Harry was serving in the Royal Scots Regiment with service number 2553 so the close proximity of Lambert's service number suggests that he may be in the same regiment. He also mentions L/c J H KERR, who was also with the Royal Scots. A medal card exists for Pte. Herbert LAMBERT 200671, Royal Scots Regiment, which may possibly be the same person.

pdf LAWTON, Arnold

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Sergeant, Service number and regiment unknown

One of three brothers (with Ernest and Percy). Based at Colwyn Bay and possibly with the Royal Army Medical Corps. In 1919 writes from Belgium and later France.  He appears to have served, at least until 1916, in the UK. In 1919 he writes from Belgium and later from France, presumably on holiday. Mentions Frank MAYOR, Ted KITCHEN and DODD (3rd F.A. [Field Ambulance?] attached 6th Fusiliers).

pdf LAWTON, Ernest

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Rank, service number and regiment unknown

One of three brothers (with Arnold and Percy). Appears to have been serving with the Royal Army Medical Corps (refers to serving as an orderly in the hospital). Writes initially from Alexandria, then on 1 October 1915 from Gallipoli. By 23 Jan 1916 he is back in Egypt. Mentions Jim FLETCHER, George DODDS (3rd Field [Ambulance?]) and "Bish" (James Bishop FRASER).

pdf LAWTON, Percy James

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LAWTON, Percy James.pdf

Nursing Orderly First Class, Pte., 111, Royal Army Medical Corps

One of three brothers (with Ernest and Arnold). Initially based at hospitals in Hatfield and Ipswich, sailed as part of Egyptian Expeditionary Force by SS Royal Edward and writes 10 days before its sinking with the loss of 864 men, but from which he was rescued, of which he writes subsequently. From Malta he was transferred to Port Said. He writes of the dreadful injuries of some of the wounded. Appears to have been promoted to Corporal. Mentions BARRETT, KITCHEN (hope his wounds not too serious), two BAYNTON brothers (members of Zion), IRWIN (been here [Malta] and returned home), BEBBINGTON (missing following sinking), Frank MAYOR (expecting him to come out, but now less certain), WILKINSON (glad to have news), Bob COWSILL (met him in Egypt) and asks after Frank DYER's recovery.

pdf LEAH, Walter Harold

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Pte. later Cpl. 182, later Pte. 832 and 352521, Royal Army Medical Corps (Territorial)

Walter Leah, born 1893, writes from Egypt in June/July 1916. He is attached to the 1/3 East Lancashire Regiment and has recently lost his corporal's stripes (and has had his pay reduced) owing to this change of unit. His record says that this assignment was for "Water Duty"  He writes of his impressions of Egypt and its people. He mentions congratulating "Capt. LPiI" (Leslie PELL-ILDERTON, presumably following his promotion from Lieutenant). From 1 March 1917 he served in France with 16Bn. Manchester Regiment and on 14 March 1919 was demobilised.

pdf LEIGH, Lawrence John

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LEIGH, Lawrence J.pdf

Pte., 346, 2nd Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps

Lawrence (or Laurence) was posted to Egypt on 25 September 1914. He writes of coming under fire from Turkish troops and speaks of "hoping" to go to the Dardanelles, from where he appears to be writing later in 1915. By early 1916 he is back in Egypt and writes of being glad to be back, away from the shells and bullets. He mentions Cyril BARRETT (who told him of being in the Royal Edward disaster), Frank MAYOR, Walter SEAL, John HYDE, Tom MILLER, FRASER, FLETCHER and LAWTER. His original (and "creative") spelling is retained in the transcripts.