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GARMONY, Harold; HANDFORD, Frank; HANDFORD, Jack; HARRISON, Samuel; HESKETH, David; HORROCKS, Eddie; HOWARD, Frank; HYDE, John; IRWIN, Harold


pdf GARMONY, Harold

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GARMONY, Harold.pdf

Private, 39630, 4th Battalion, Manchester Regiment

A letter from Harold's brother Gilbert which gives Harold's address as Riby Camp, Stillingborough near Grimsby. Mentions Eric BORTHWICK.

pdf HANDFORD, Frank

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HANDFORD, Frank.pdf

Rifleman, 1628, King's Royal Rifles

Brothr of Jack Handford. Serving with the B.E.F., apparently in France. Mentions F. MAYOR, H. BRYDEN and F. [SUMMERS?]

pdf HANDFORD, Jack

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HANDFORD, Jack.pdf

Pte. 473 2/1st Field Ambulance E.L.S., Royal Army Medical Corps

Brother of Frank Handford (King's Royal Rifles). Also mentions a sister (in the Red Cross). Writes initially from England then from the B.E.F. in France. Mentions Pte. BEBBINGTON (drowned in sinking of transport Royal Edward), Cyril BARNETT (has had a rough time), H. MAYOR (making good progress, later better and working back in the hospital), Rifleman W. PARRY (died of wounds from shrapnel injuty to head), Leonard POLLITT (seeks his address), Rifleman TARRY (formerly attended Zion with Jack and now in King's Royal Rifles) and Pte. George DODD.

pdf HARRISON, Samuel

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Harrison, Samuel.pdf

Private, 1685, 1st Battalion, Manchester Regiment

Samuel writes from France where he has arrived as part of the Indian Expeditionary Force. [1st Battalion Manchester Regiment was in August 1914 in Jullundur, India as part of the Jullundur Brigade of the 3rd (Lahore) Division. on 29th August they sailed from Karachi for Europe, arriving Marseilles 26th September 1914. and saw active service on the Western Front. 20/21st December 1914]. Samuel was therfore a serving soldier at the outbreak of the war. He writes after 12 days in the trenches but tells us little about his experiences.

pdf HESKETH, David

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HESKETH, David.pdf

Pte. 36068 72nd Training Reserve battalion

David writes of his experience of training to throw a Mills grenade.

pdf HORROCKS, Eddie

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HORROCKS, Eddie.pdf

Pte. 19791, 8th Battalion King's Royal Lancaster Regiment

Eddie is with the British Expeditionary Force in France. He mentions William BORTHWICK.

pdf HOWARD, Frank

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HOWARD, Frank.pdf

Rank, service number and regiment unknown

The correspondence consists of a single letter dated 11 September 1914 from the soldier's wife saying that her (unnamed) husband has just left the country and she has forwarded Harold's letter to him. She appears to sign "Holly" Howard. From her unusual first name, her husband would appear to be Frank HOWARD whom she had married (as Holly HARBIDGE) in 1911. Frank was recorded as an unmarried yeast salesman in the 1911 census and as a yeast merchant, married to Holly, in 1921.

pdf HUNTINGTON, Walter

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WALSH, Samuel.pdf

Private, 642, Royal Army Medical Corps

Walter HUNTINGTON is lodging/billeted with Samuel WALSH (646 RAMC) with Mrs. STEAD in Southport, presumably during training. He signs Samuel's second letter.

pdf HYDE, John

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Rank and Regiment Unknown

John's letter indicates that he was a member of the church's Boys Brigade. He mentions W. FRANCIS as being discharged from the army through deafness.

pdf IRWIN, Harold

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Lce. Cpl., 738 2nd Field Co. Royal Engineers

Two letters in July and September from Harold Hill to H Irwin, the first addressed to 21st General Hospital in Alexandria and the second to the British Convalescent Camp at Port Said, both returned, the first stamped "Present location uncertain". The addresses and the content tell us that IRWIN was ill and that his illness was protracted. He appears, like Harold Hill, to have worked for the Chorlton overseers and Harold's first letter reports the passing of the amalgamation with Manchester. Mentions "Mr. WOODWARD's son" as having lost a hand in Gallipoli.