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Index to the Godfrey Maps

The maps included in the index are listed below. They are organised  by the metropolitan borough to which they relate. This is, however, an approximation and for areas straddling borough borders, you should check under both boroughs. See the map below to determine which maps are included for each borough.

Maps which are available from the MLFHS Online Shop are linked to the shop page for the map where you will find some information about the extent of the map's coverage and from where you can purchase a copy.

Bolton 15" to one mile (1906-1927)

Bolton 1908

Bolton (North) 1906

Bolton South 1927

Bolton (NE) 1908

Bradshaw 1908

Farnworth 1908

Hilton House 1907

Horwich South 1908

Hulton Park 1907

Little Lever 1907

Lostock Junction 1907

Moses Gate 1908

Rumworth & Gaubhill 1907

Stoneclough 1907

Bury 15" to 1 mile (1908-1930)

Ainsworth 1908

Bradley Fold 1910, 1930 (Two-sided map with 1910 on one side and 1930 on the other).

Bury South 1907

Heap Bridge 1908, 1930 (Two-sided map with 1908 on one side and 1930 on the other).

Radcliffe 1927

Radcliffe North 1908

Stand and Outwood Gate 1907

Unsworth and SE Radcliffe 1932

Whitefield & Besses o' th' Barn 1907

Godfrey Maps 15" to one mile

The colour coded areas show which maps are included within each of the Metropolitan Boroughs above.