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The Great Database: Dataset Catalogue

The data in the Great Database is classified under a number of broad headings. Searches can be restricted to the records indexed under a specific heading so as to reduce the number of matches, particularly if you are searching for a very common name. Click the headings below to see  the lists of resources indexed under each heading.

Birth and Marriage

Ancoats, All Souls, Marriages
Ancoats, All Souls Church,Marriages 1931-1935. A small dataset of marriages from All Souls Church, Ancoats transcribed by Joseph Hilditch. (280 records)

Ardwick, St. Matthew Marriages 1931-71
Full details of marriages at St. Matthew's church, Ardwick 1931-1971. Transcribed by Joseph Hilditch. (832 records)

Ardwick, St. Thomas, Baptisms
Transcript of baptisms at St. Thomas, Ardwick 1740-1801. Transcribed by Susan Mayall (2270 records)

Ardwick, St. Matthew, Baptisms 1914-1962
Details of baptisms at St. Matthew, Ardwick 1914-1962 including all details from register. Transcribed by Joseph Hilditch. (2,196 records)

Audenshaw (Red Hall) Methodist New Connexion Baptisms
Baptisms 1875-1898 transcribed by John Cameron. Note, there is a gap between 2 Dec 1877 and 17 Jul 1878 where two pages have not been scanned (388 records).

Bolton, Deane, St. Mary, Baptisms
Baptisms 1813-1866 transcribed by Bolton & District FHS (14,353 records)

Bolton, King’s Hall Wesleyan Methodist Mission Baptisms
Details of baptisms 1932-1958 transcribed by Joan Bridges for Bolton & District FHS (264 records)

Bolton, St. John, Latimer St. Baptisms
Baptisms at St. John, Latimer St., Little Bolton 1849-1854 (112 records)

Bolton, St. Paul, Baptisms (1863-1920)
Transcription of three volumes of baptismal register entries 1863-1920). Later entries generally include date of birth. (3,200 records)

Bolton, Victoria Hall, Baptisms (1897-1965)
Baptisms at Victoria Hall 1897-1965. Transcribed by members of Bolton & District FHS (1,194 records)

Bolton, Dimple, Walmsley Old Chapel Baptisms
Details of baptisms 1789-1839 (402 records)

Bolton Wesleyan Methodist Circuit Baptisms
Details of baptisms 1782-1815 at chapels on the Bolton preaching circuit. (1,528 records)

Bolton Workhouse Births
Names, dates of birth, parentage and home addresses of children born in Bolton Workhouse 1839-1926 (2,680 records)

Cadishead Methodist Baptisms 1804-1886
Baptisms at the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Cadishead. Transcribed by Frances Hoffman from LDS film 1786244 (1,204 records)

Dukinfield Moravian Church Admissions
Details of persons admitted to the Moravian church 1720-1755 Transcribed by Mark Campbell from Manchester Genealogist 9/2&3 (1973) (45 records)

Manchester, Angel Meadow, St. Michael and All Angels Baptisms
Baptisms at St. Michael, Angel Meadow, Manchester 1791-1812 transcribed by Susan Mayall (370 records)

Manchester, Cheetham, Spanish & Portuguese Synagocue Baptisms and Marriages
Registers of births 1874-1929 and marriages 1874-2013 at the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue. Note: a 100 year closure has been applied to births and 75 years to marriages. (1,058 records)

Marriage Witness Index
List of witnesses to marriages at a large number of Manchester churches, compiled by Joseph Hilditch (22,457 records)

Middleton Baptism Index
Baptisms at several churches in Middleton, Rhodes and Tonge. Transcribed by Doreen El-Ahwany of the MLFHS Oldham Branch and a team of volunteers (26,991 records)

Middleton Marriage Index
Marriages at several churches in Middleton, Rhodes and Tonge. Transcribed by Doreen El-Ahwany of the MLFHS Oldham Branch and a team of volunteers (7,698 records)

Newton Heath, All Saints Baptisms
Transcript of baptism registers for All Saints, Newton Heath, 1793-1837. Transcribed by Linda Bailey (7,054 records)

Odd Fellows Magazine
A transcript of marriages (indexed by both brides and grooms) announced in the Odd Fellows Magazine. These are dated mostly between 1838 and 1841. (218 records)

Orphan Birth and Marriage Certificates
Index to GRO birth and marriage certificates held by MLFHS. These are generally certificates ordered in error by members and donated for the use of others.

Poulton-le-Fylde Congregational Chapel Baptisms 1870-1881
Baptisms at Poulton-le-Fylde Congregational Chapel (now URC) 1870-1881 from church register copy transcribed by Irene Butcher. (65 records)

Poulton-le-Fylde Congregational Church Marriages
Marriages at Poulton-le-Fylde Congregational Chapel (now URC) 1873-1884 from church register copy transcribed by Irene Butcher. (82 records)

Prestwich St. Mary Baptisms 1752-1768
A transcript of the baptisms from the combined Baptism, Marriage and Burial Register 1752-1768 and combined baptism and burial register 1769-1791.

Quaker Marriages
Index to Quaker Marriages for the Hardshaw East Monthly Meeting (1837-1999 and Marsden Monthly Meeting 1837-1977. Indexed by John Marsden and Margaret Calderbank respectively.

Risley Chapel and Croft Unitarian Baptisms and Marriages
Images and index to the register entries for baptisms 1774-1900 and the single marriage recorded in 1947. Transcribed by Cheyvonne Bower (364 records)

Some Manchester Quakers in 1831
A list of member of the Society of Friends in Manchester in 1831. Reprinted from Manchester Genealogist vol 23 Issue 4 (1987) which does not give any information as to the source. (86 records)

Salford, Sacred Trinity Church, Baptisms 1813-1864
Details of baptisms, transcribed by Susan Mayall (1,620 records)

Stockport, St. Mary Marriages
An index to marriages 1799-1837 by names of brides and grooms. Includes marital status of parties, occupation of groom and whether by licence. Residence is also given for a number of parties living outside the parish. PLEASE NOTE that this index is imperfect. In producing this version from the original 1980s typescript, many errors were found. Users should refer to the original registers (available on microfilm at Manchester Archives and Local Studies) to confirm the details provided.

Turton Workhouse Births
Records of births in Turton Workhouse 1839-1853 (87 records), baptisms at Walmsley Chapel on 30 Dec 1847 of children born in the workhouse (17 records) and workhouse inmates transgressing against workhouse rules 1883-5 (118 records)

Death and Burial


See Manchester for: Ancoats, Ardwick, Bradford, Cheetham, Clayton, Gorton, Harpurhey, Hulme, Longsight, Newton Heath, Prestwich, Withington

See Oldham for: Audenshaw, Bardsley, Boarshaw, Chadderton, Delph, Denshaw, Dobcross, East Crompton, Failsworth, Firarmere, Friezland, Hey, Heyside, Hollinwood, Leesfield, Lydgate, Middleton, Rhodes, Royton, Saddleworth, Shaw, Tonge-cum-Alkrington, Waterhead.

See Salford for: Cadishead

Ashton-under-Lyne, St. Peter Burials
Burials 1825-1966 Complete (23,112 burials)

Blackpool Council Burials and Cremations
Burials and cremations undertakenin 2022-2023 by Blackpool Council in line with the provisions of the Public Health (Control of Diseases) Act 1984.

Bolton, Little Bolton, Higher Bridge St. Methodist Chapel, Burials
Listing of burials 1810-1893 (2,058 records)

Bolton, Litle Lever, United Reformed Church, Grave Book
Combined Grave Book and MI Listing (for which see Memorial Inscription database). Lists burials 1850-1955 (2,534 records)

Bolton, Walmsley Old Chapel, Burials
Transcript of burials 1793-1840 (167 records)

Denton, St Lawrence Burials
Listing of burials 1695-1777 (885 records)

Eccles, Pendlebury, St. John, Burials
Burials at St. John's church 1842-1889 transcribed by Mark Harrey (2,375 records)

Haydock, Wood Pit, Deaths in 1878 Explosion
Names and details of those killed in the explosion at Wood Pit, Haydock on 7 June 1878. Compiled by Graham Normansell. (191 records)

Manchester, Cholera Victims 1832
Alphabetical List of the first 200 victims of the cholera epidemic of 1832 as recorded by Henry Gaulter MD. (200 records) Plus references to individuals in the minutes of the Special Board of Health (91 records)

Manchester, Civilian War Deaths, WW2
Civilians died as a result of enemy action in Manchester during World War 2. Compiled by Joseph Hilditch. (579 records)

Manchester Crematorium Death Notices
Newspaper death notices and obituaries relating to persons cremated at Manchester Crematorium 1893-1940 transcribed by John Marsden and Mike Berrell plus 109 entries taken from the R. Pepperdine, Funeral Directors' records deposited at Manchester Archives and indexed by David Birkmire. (8,252 records)

Manchester Probate Names Index
An index of names which appear in the wills and administrations of Manchester residents 1812-1837 (42,831 records)

Manchester, Ancoats, St. Andrew Burials
A transcription of the burial registers for Ancoars, St. Andrew 1831-1855 (1,081 records) 1831-1855 (1,860 records) transcribed by Mark Harrey

Manchester, Ardwick, St. Thomas Burials
A transcription of the burial registers for Ardwick, St. Thomas 1741-1762 (126 records) 1786-1801 (1,860 records) 1801-1812 (1,270 records) and 1813-1854. (2,100 records) by Susan Mayall

Manchester, Audenshaw, St. Stephen Burials
A transcription of the burial registers 1846-1920 (books 2 & 3 1873-1901 completed) transcribed by Mark Harrey (3,200 records)

Manchester, Bradford, Christ Church Burials
Transcript of the burial registers of Christ Church, Bradford 1862-1943 transcribed by Mark Harrey (6,588 records)

Manchester, Cheetham, St. Luke Burials
Burials 1840-1868 (3,200 records)

Manchester, Cheetham, St. Mark Burials
Transcript of the burial registers of St. Mark, Cheetham 1813-1855 (with one additional burial for 1878). (6,650 records)

Manchester, Chorlton-on-Medlock, All Saints Burials
A transcription of the burial registers for Chorlton-on-Medlock, All Saints church 1820-1877 (16,559 records)

Manchester, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, St Clement Burials
Listing of burials 1725-1837 (1,174 records)

Manchester, Chorlton-on-Medlock, St. Saviour, Burials
Burials 1836-1932 (1,334 records)

Manchester, Clayton, St. Cross Burials
Burials 1796-1866 Complete (213 records)

Manchester, Collegiate Church (Cathedral) Burials
Burials 1573-1866 Complete. These include burials inside the cathedral, in the Cathedral Yard, and in the Apple Market, Angel Meadow and Walkers Croft burial grounds (148,275 Records)

Manchester Collegiate Church Sexton's Books
Copy of entries recorded by John Owen (Owen MSS vol 58) 1772-1792 transcribed by Geoff Edge (5,782 records)

Manchester, Didsbury, St James Burials
Burials 1562-1757 Complete (6,011 records)

Manchester, Gorton, St James Burials
Listing of burials 1650-1741 (1,106 records)

Manchester, Harpurhey, Christ Church Burials
Transcript of burials at Christ Church, Harpurhey 1838-1863. Currently covering 1838-1860. Transcribed by John Gartside (2,400 records)

Manchester, Hulme, Christ Church Bible Christian Church
Burials at Christ Church Bible Christian Church Hulme 1827-1839. Transcribed by Geoff Edge and Mark Harrey (2,178 records)

Manchester, Hulme St George Burials
Burials 1829-1920 (19,925 records)

Manchester, Longsight, St. John Burials
Burials 1800-1906 Complete (1,608 records)

Manchester, Newton Heath, All Saints Burials
Transcribed burials in the new churchyard of All Saints 1854-1950. Includes numerous burials from Manchester Parish 1856-1868 (24,405 records)

Manchester, Philips Park Cemetery Burials
Burials 1930 (part) (1,755 records)

Manchester, Prestwich, St. Mary, Burials
Burials 1754-1868 (1,304 records)

Manchester, St Ann Burials
Listing of burials 1737-1854 (6,335 records)

Manchester, St James, George Street Burials
Burials 1788-1854 Complete (2,676 records)

Manchester, St John, Deansgate Burials
Burials 1769-1900 Complete (24,117 records)

Manchester, St Mary, Deansgate Burials
Burials 1754-1871 (5,623 records)

Manchester, St. Matthew, Campfield Burials
Burials 1826-1884 (44 records)

Manchester, St. Matthew, Campfield: Remains removed in 1951
A list of the details taken from coffins removed from the vaults in 1951 prior to demolition of the church (44 burials)

Manchester, St. Michael, Angel Meadow, Burials
Burials 1789-1856 (3,821 records)

Manchester, St. Peter, St. Peter's Square Burials
Burials 1796-1866 Complete (213 records)

Manchester, Withington Hospital Deaths
Details of deaths recorded at Withington Hospital (former Withington Workhouse) 1922-1940. Includes date and cause of death, burial place and inquest verdict where applicable. Transcribed by Joseph Hilditch. (910 records)

Oldham Civilian War Deaths, WW2
A listing of persons killed in Oldham in 1941 and 1942 compiled by Gordon Lees (27 records)

Oldham, Audenshaw, St. Stephen Burials
Burials 1846-1973 Complete (1,560 records)

Oldham, Bardsley, Holy Trinity Burials
Burials 1844-1855 Complete (824 records)

Oldham, Boarshaw Cemetery Burials
Burials 1965-1965 Complete (19 records)

Oldham, Chadderton Cemetery Service Burials
A list of armed service personnel who were buried in Chadderton cemetery 1940-1946 and 1974. Transcribed by Linda Bailey (42 records)

Oldham, Chadderton Cemetery Stillbirths 1884-1929
Burials of stillborn children at Chadderton Cemetery 1884-1929. No forenames or genders are recorded. This index was transcribed by Linda Bailey from the images of the original register which can be found on the LDS FamilySearch web site at: (4,692 records)

Oldham, Chadderton, Mills Hill Road, Baptist Chapel Burials
Burials 1853-1999 Complete (824 records)

Oldham, Chadderton, St. Matthew Burials
Burials 1781-1947 Complete (16,020 records)

Oldham, Delph, Independent Chapel Burials
Burials 1834-1851 Complete (824 burials)

Oldham, Denshaw, Christ Church Burials
Burials 1857-1920 Complete (793 records)

Oldham, Dobcross, Holy Trinity Burials
Burials  1788-1842 Complete (331 records)

Oldham, East Crompton, St. James Burials
Burials 1847-1964 Complete (2,085 burials)

Oldham, Failsworth, Dob Lane Unitarian Burials
Burials 1701-1802 Complete (21 records)

Oldham, Failsworth, St. John Burials
Burials 1846-1976 Complete (7,979 burials)

Oldham, Friarmere, St. Thomas Burials
Burials 1769-1992 Complete (4,968 records)

Oldham, Friezland, Christ Church Burials
Burials 1850,1934 Complete (2,108 records)

Oldham, Hey, St. John Burials
Burials 1744-1887 Complete (10,193 records)

Oldham, Heyside, Friends Meeting House (Quaker) Burials
Burials 1665-1938 Complete (321 burials)

Oldham, Hollinwood, St. Margaret Burials
Burials 1769-1901 Complete (14,597 records)

Oldham, Hope Congregational Church Burials
Burials 1828-1837 Complete (165 records)

Oldham, Leesfield, St. Thomas Burials
Burials  1848-1905 Complete (1,271 records)

Oldham, Lydgate, St. Anne Burials
Burials 1788-1978 Complete (2,786 records)

Oldham, Middleton Old Cemetery Burials
Burials 1862-1885 Complete (2,864 records)

Oldham, Middleton, St. Leonard Burials
Burials 1541-1903 Complete (38,691 burials)

Oldham, Middleton, Wood St. New Jerusalem Church Burials
Burials 1832-1880 Complete (108 burials)

Oldham, Moorside, St. Thomas Burials
Burials 1873-1977 Complete (1,452 records)

Oldham, Rhodes, All Saints Burials
Burials 1876-1949 Complete (2,488 records)

Oldham, Royton, St. Paul Burials
Burials 1757-1938 Complete (14,077 records)

Oldham, Saddleworth, St. Chad Burials
Burials 1801-1886 Complete (18,322 records)

Oldham, Shaw, Holy Trinity Burials
Burials 1704-1888 Complete (17,244 records)

Oldham, Shaw, St. Paul's Methodist Church, Burials
Burials 1817-1872. Transcribed from the Burial Registers by Linda Richardson, Gillian Melton and Joan Harrison. (381 records)

Oldham, St. James Burials
Burials 1830-1848 Complete (2,149 records)

Oldham, St. Mary Burials
Burials 1558-1932 Complete (50,856 records)

Oldham, St. Peter Burials
Burials 1768-1876 Complete (8,280 records)

Oldham, Tonge-cum-Alkrington, St. Michael Burials
Burials  1818-1891 Complete (4,348 burials)

Oldham, Waterhead, Holy Trinity Burials
Burials 1847-1928 Complete (2,197 records)

Orphan Death Certificates
Index to GRO death certificates held by MLFHS. These are generally certificates ordered in error by members and donated for the use of others.

Poulton-le-Fylde Congregational Chapel Burials
Burials 1870-1934 Complete (41 records)

Radcliffe, St. Mary, Burials Burials
Burials 1841-1865 Complete (2,408 records)

Risley Chapel and Croft Unitarian Burials
Images and index to the register entries for burials 1808-1872 with images of the register 1808-1899 and 1941-1958. Transcribed by Cheyvonne Bower (326 records)

Salford Funeral Friendly Society
A transcript of the names of members of the Salford Friendly Funeral Society who had died April 1844 - March 1845; April 1849 - March 1857; April 1858 - March 1859. Transcribed by Janet Parkes

Salford, Cadishead, Methodist Church Burials
Burials 1808-1914 (910 records)

Salford, Christ Church Bible Christian, King St Burials
Burials 1800-1813 (15,773 records)

Salford, Pendlebury, St. John the Evangelist Burials
Burials 1842-1923 transcribed by Mark Harrey (5,599 records)

Salford, Pendlebury, Clifton Hall Colliery Explosion
Names, some with ages and marital status, of those killed in the explosion at Clifton Hall Colliery, Pendlebury, on 18 June 1885. First published in Manchester Genealogist Volume 19, Issue 1 (1983). (176 records)

Salford, New Windsor Independent Chapel Burials
Burials 1800-1837 Complete (220 records)

Salford, Sacred Trinity Church Burials
Transcript of burials at Sacred Trinity Church 1813-1854. Transcribed by Mark Harrey (1,034 records)

In Memoriam Cards
Transcripts of In Memorial cards first published in Manchester Genealogist 18/4, 23/4 and 24/4. (90 records)

Odd Fellows Magazine Death Notices
A transcript of marriages and deaths of members announced in the Odd Fellows Magazine. These are dated mostly between 1837 and 1841. (194 death records)

Old South East Lancashire Obituaries
Obituaries taken from 'Old South-East Lancashire', a genealogical magazine, vol.1 1880. Short notices of deaths of old persons connected with the Hundred of Salford, who had attained at least the seventieth year of their age. Some of these were published in Manchester Genealogist Volume 27, Issue 2 (1991). (132 records)

Scutari Hospital Deaths
Deaths at Scutari Hospital during the Crimean War reported in various newspapers. Includes deaths of Lancashire Militia soldiers at Gibraltar and seven surgeons sent to Scutari Hospital. Indexed by Anthony Steven (5,893 records)

T Broome Undertakers Register
The registers of T Broome and Sons, Undertakers of Downing Street, Manchester 1863-1875; 1893-1965 (registers for 1875-1893 are missing). (29,520 records)

R Pepperdine Funeral Registers
The funeral registers of Robert Pepperdine and Sons of Ardwick, Manchester 1898-1933. Contains details of the deceased persons and of the services provided for the funeral. (1,007 records)


Breightmet census 1801
Names from the census returns for Breightmet in 1801 with some biographical details (138 records)

Chorlton-on-Medlock 1851 Census Substitute
Reconstruction of the lost sections of the 1851 census for Chorlton-on-Medlock based on the 1851 Poor rate books and other sources. Created by Ray Hulley (3,989 records)

Edgworth Census 1801
Names from the Edgworth census of 1801 (157 records)

Great Bolton 1831 Census
Transcription of the names and addresses of householders named in the returns (4,859 records)

Great Bolton Census 1811
Alphabetical list of those named in the 1811 census. No personal details recorded but may be useful in proving that named persons were present at this time (3,186 records)

Great Bolton Census 1821
Alphabetical list of those named in the 1821 census. No personal details recorded but may be useful in proving that named persons were present at this time. (3,801 records)

Rate Books, Poll Books and Other Lists

Chorlton Poor Rate 1851
Poor rate book for Chorlton-on-Medlock in 1852. Names occupiers and owners. Transcribed by Ray Hulley (7,032 records)

Moss Side Absent Voters 1918
Absent voter list for Manchester Moss Side. This is only a small part of the list. (906 records)

Oldham Absent Voters 1918
Voters absent from home at the time of electoral registration in 1918, mostly on military duties. Compiled by Dorothy Bintley. (14,513 records)

Openshaw Electoral Register 1966-7
Electoral Registr 1966-7 Districts A-C transcribed by Joseph Hilditch (2,026 records)

Pemberton St. Cheetham Electoral Roll 1939
Transcript of the names of those living in Pemberton Street, Hightown, Cheetham appearing in the 1939 electoral roll. Transcribed by Judith Redfern (268 records)

Pendlebury Poor Rate 1852
Part of the poor rate book for Pendlebury in 1852. Names occupiers and owners. Transcribed by Ray Hulley (539 records)

Protestation Returns: Bolton & Deane
Transcribed returns of those signing the protestation of 1642 for Bolton and Deane parishes including surrounding great Lever (a detached part of Middleton parish) (2,699 records)

Protestation Returns: Manchester
Reprinted from Manchester Genealogist 30/1-2. Lists signatories to the 1641 Protestation for Manchester. (1,825 records)

Workhouse and Poor Law Records

Alverstoke Parish Apprentices 1791
A list of pauper children apprenticed by the parish of Alverstoke, Hampshire, to cotton mills in Manchester in 1791. First published in Manchester Genealogist Volume 23 Issue 3 (1987). (48 records)

Bolton Poor Rate Assessment Book for 1686
Names and some details of those assessed for poor rate. Transcribed by Kath Arkwright. (1,024 records)

Bolton Workhouse Births
Names, dates of birth, parentage and home addresses of children born in Bolton Workhouse 1839-1926 (2,680 records)

Bolton Fishpool Workhouse Creed Books 1861-1911
Transcribed details from the Creed Registers of Bolton Workhouse for the years 1861 - 1911 (95,805 records).

Bolton Fishpool Workhouse Servants Index
Index to servants aged under 16 years of age placed with masters by Bolton Workhouse Guardians 1888-1916. Includes index of masters. Indexed by John Lippiatt. (570 records)

Bolton Fletcher Street Workhouse Admissions and Discharges
Transcript of admissions and discharges 1837-1861 by Bolton FHS. (33,154 records)

Bury Workhouse Registers
Admissions and Discharges 3 February 1864 to 24 September 1867 to 29 March 1871 to 24 December 1878 Burials 26 July 1858 to April 1916 The information contained in these documents was transcribed from the Bury Workhouse admission/discharge and burial registers by M. F. Sheppard. (21,887 records)

Chelsea Workhouse Apprentices
Names and details of children apprenticed by Chelsea workhouse to William Douglas (spinner of cotton twist and weft) of Pendleton 1795-7. First published in Manchester Genealogist Volume 25, Issue 4 (1989). (31 records)

Chorlton-on-Medlock: Children Emigrated to Canada
Names and details of children sent by Chorlton-on-Medlock Poor Law Union to Canada and other countries. Thanscribed by Mark Campbell (357 records)

Little Bolton Outdoor Relief Pay Book
Names and details of paupers requiring relief by Little Bolton Overseers for the quarters ending 24 June and 24 Sept 1839. (377 records)

Little Bolton Poor Rate Book 1831-32
Transcript of Poor Rate Book giving names of payees, residences and some notes. Transcribed by John Lippiat of Bolton and District FHS (285 records)

Paupers in Bolton Workhouse 1820-1832
Index of names and details appearing in a book listing paupers in the Fletcher Street Workhouse, transcribed by John Lippiatt. (1,249 records)

Salford Children Under the Care of the Poor Law Guardians
Abstracts from correspondence relating to children under the care of Poor Law Guardians from TNA Class MH12 transcribed by Julie Davey (212 records)

Salford Workhouse Visiting Committee
Index to names in the Salford Workhouse Visiting Committee Minutes with summary details extracted from the Visiting Committee Minute Books 1865-1915 by George Dawes and Janet Parkes

Turton Workhouse Admissions and Discharges
Details of admissions and discharges 1837-1861 (6,444 records)

Turton Overseers Account Book 1789-1791
An index to names appearing in the account book of the Turton Overseers of the Poor. Transcribed by Stephen Tonge of Bolton & District FHS. (288 records)

Turton Workhouse Transgressions Book
Records of births in Turton Workhouse 1839-1853 (87 records), baptisms at Walmsley Chapel on 30 Dec 1847 of children born in the workhouse (17 records) and workhouse inmates transgressing against workhouse rules 1883-5 (118 records)

Workhouse Inmates 1861
Names of 1,200 inmates of Lancashire workhouses who had been resident in the workhouse for more than 5 years. Transcribed by Carol Fullelove

Trades and Professions

Bolton Cooperative Society 1859-1909
Index to names in History of the Great and Little Bolton Co-Operative Society Limited, Showing Fifty Years Progress 1859-1909: a Souvenir in Commemoration of the Society's Jubilee F. W. Peaples, 1909. (1,211 records)

Bolton Cotton Workers 1802
The list was compiled by Jonathan Cooper, Constable of Little Bolton on 1st September 1802. This searchable version was created by John Lippiatt.

Bolton: Tillotson's Mercury Newsletter
Index to the names appearing in the 75 issues of the Mercury newsletter published for the staff of Tillotson's printers of Bolton during WW2. Indexed by Bolton FHS. (9,164 records)

Carrbrook Strike 1895
From article by Richard Spencer published in Manchester Genealogist Vol. 33 Issue 1. List of employees of Gartside & Co's Calico Printing Works at Carrbrook, Stalybridge. (206 records)

Dukinfield Moravian Ministers
Ministers of the Dukinfield Moravian Church 1740-1946. First published in Manchester Genealogist Volume 19, Issue 1 (1983. (43 records)

E. Armitage Strike 1850
List of employees of Sir Elkanah Armitage's cotton mill in Pendleton in 1850. From report in Manchester Guardian listing employees and wages. Originally published in Manchester Genealogist Vol. 27, Issue 1 (1991). (578 records)

Manchester Fish and Chip Workers
Alphabetical List of people working in the fish and chip trade in Manchester who appear in the 1939 Register, compiled by Joseph Hilditch. (675 records)

Great Manifesto Against Tariff Reform
Manifesto promoting free trade issued in response to proposed tariffs likely to affect the cotton trade. First published in Manchester Genealogist Vol 29 Issue 3. (778 records)

Horwich Locomotive Works Staff record Cards c1867-1931
An index to the employees at the locomotive works with age or date of birth on joining, career progression and date of leaving, with reasons. (Work in progress)

Kelly's Directory 1911
Listings for a small number of trades in Manchester & Salford listed in Kelly's Directory for Manchester and Salford 1911. Transcribed by Joseph Hilditch.

Lancashire Gamekeepers 1791
A list at gamekeepers in Lancashire with additional note on the latter by J.D. Greenhalgh. First published in weekly articles In the Bolton Chronicle newspaper and then compiled into book form by B.T. Barton under the title "Historical Gleanings of Bolton & District, 3rd Series, 1883" (118 records)

Pendlebury and Swinton Local Musicians 1884
Names taken from Sketches of Local Musicians and Musical Societies by William Millington and printed by Pendlebury and Swinton Journal in 1884. The book gives an account of each person's musical abilities, occupation etc. Frirst published in Manchester Genealogist Volume 26, Issue 1 (1990). (127 records)

Manchester Millworkers
Workers in Manchester Cotton Mills from Government reports published 1818-1833. Covers James Kennedy's Pickford St and Ancoats Mills and McConnel and Kennedy's mills from lists transcribed by Julie Davey plus a list of men employed in Manchester with occupations transcribed by Geoff Edge. (1,933 records)

Manchester Police Records
Recruits to Manchester Police 1848-1967

Manchester Transport Staff Records
In a project undertaken in partnership with Manchester Transport Museum, we are scanning and indexing the  service record books for Manchester Corporation Transport staff. Please note that there is a closure on records of staff born less than 100 years ago.

Metro-Vickers Apprentices
Metropolitan Vickers, Register of Ex-Apprentices and Ex-Trainees, 1902-1934. (4,756 records)

Parliamentary Papers
Names extracted mostly from Parliamentary Papers and published in 'Pictures of the Revolution' E Royston Pike's Human Documents of the Industrial Revolution in Britain [1966 George Allen and Unwin]. First published in Manchester Genealogist Volume 26, Issue 1 (1990). (59 records)

Poulton-le-Fylde Congregational Chapel: Ministers 1807-1965
Ministers of Poulton-le-Fylde Congregational Church (now URC) 1807-1965 Recorded by Irene Butcher. (13 records)

Radcliffe & Pilkington Co-operative Society
Scanned images and name transcript of the book "Radcliffe & Pilkington Co-operative Society Jubilee Souvenir 1860-1910" (800 records)

Salford Apprentices 1810-1821
Details of Salford children indentured as apprentices 1810-1821. Previously published in Manchester Genealogist Vol. 8 Issue 4 (1972). Transcribed by Mark Campbell (29 records)

Salford Police Appointments 1893-1936
Index to appointment of officers to Salford Police Force created by Greater Manchester Police Museum. Search results link to appropriate page of the GMP Museum web site from where more information can be requested.

Schoolmasters in 1841
Alphabetical List of Masters, Mistresses, Governors, Professors and Assistants in Schools in Manchester & Salford extracted from Pigot & Slater's Directory of Manchester & Salford, 1841 by Gillian Taylor Shaw.

Slater's Directory of Manchester 1911
Extracts of listings for a variety of trades. Transcribed by Joseph Hilditch (3,467 records)

Military Records

Army Deserters
Details of deserters from the British Army whose names were published in The Police Gazette 1828-1840. (36,578 records)

Bolton Light Horse Muster Roll 1805
Full transcript of the roll with extensive notes on several of those named. (88 records)

Bolton Soldiers Index 1806-1838
Soldiers in TNA WO97 Pension Records with birthplaces in or near Bolton. Extracted from the Jim Beckett Index. (394 records)

Call to Arms
Manchester Times Friday 19 January 1900 - Issue 2215: The final selection of members of the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Volunteer Battalions of the Manchester Regiment for active service. Transcribed by Gillian Taylor-Shaw. (121 records)

Jewish War Graves in Rainsough Cemetery
Details of burials of Jewish servicemen who died in WW1 and WW2, recorded on a memorial plaque at Rainsough Jewish Cemetery. (57 records)

Lancashire Fusiliers: Military General Service Medal
Awards of the Military General Service medal in 1847 to members of Lancashire Fusiliers who had served in campaigns 1793-1814. Transcribed by Colin Calderbank (236 Records)

Lancashire School and University Rolls of Honour
WW1 Rolls of honour for Liverpool College, Liverpool University, Manchester Grammar School, Merchant Taylors School,Rossall School,Lancashire Royal Grammar School published in the 1917 book "Lancashire Biographies" (5,990 records)

Longsight Wesleyan Methodist Roll of Honour 1918
Roll of members of Longsight Wesleyan Methodist Church and Sunday School killed or serving with HM Forces in 1918. Originally published in Manchester genealogist Vol. 23 Issue 4 (1987). (234 records)

Manchester Evening News Roll of Honour
Notices of deaths in WW2 published in the Manchester Evening News 1939-1940. Abstracted by Joseph Hilditch (170 records)

Manchester Grammar School Magazine (Ulula)
Ulula, the magazine of Manchester Grammar School was published eight times a year and from 1914 to 1917, in addition to the regular references to staff and pupils, published the names of staff and former pupils serving with HM forces. Index of all names with images of the magazines in which they appear (8,153 records)

Manchester Home Guard
Listing of the officers of the 49th (Openshaw) Battalion of the Home Guard. Transcribed by Joe Hilditch (304 records)

Manchester Regiment WW2 Deaths
Deaths of soldiers serving in the Manchester Regiment recorded in the Commonwealth war Graves registers. Compiled by Joseph Hilditch. (958 records)

Manchester Wellington Memorial Unveiling
Veterans attending the unveiling ceremony of the Manchester Wellington Memorial in Piccadilly, (opposite to Clayton House) on 31st August 1856 and recorded in the Manchester Guardian. Published in Manchester Genealogist Vol 28 Issue 1 1992. (81 records)

Men of Rorke's Drift
This list of men who fought at Rorke's Drift was first published in The Manchester Genealogist Vol. 32 Number 2 (1997) as part of an article describing the battle on Wednesday 22 January 1879. A number of those involved as came from Lancashire. Biographical details have been added to many of the names, some of this coming from online newspapers and added since the original article was published. (157 records)

New Zealand Fencibles 1847-52
List of men with North West connections enlisted with the NZ Fencibles. Originally published in Manchester Genealogist Vol. 34 Issue 4, 1998. (54 records)

Oldham Secondary School Roll of Honour 1915
A school magazine for Oldham Secondary School containing details of former pupils serving with HM forces (129 records)

Salford Diocese WW2 Service Deaths
Records for servicemen from the Salford Catholic Diocese who died in WW2 compiled by Lawrence Gregory (544 records)

Scutari Hospital Deaths
Deaths at Scutari Hospital during the Crimean War reported in various newspapers. Includes deaths of Lancashire Militia soldiers at Gibraltar and seven surgeons sent to Scutari Hospital. Indexed by Anthony Steven (5,893 records)

Stalybridge Herald Xmas Supplement 1915
Details of WW1 servicemen published in the supplement, including names, ranks, regiments and residential addresses. for some entries further details are included. Transcribed by Anthony Steven. (447 records)

The Hulmeian 1914-1917
The magazine of the Hulme Grammar School (since 1939 The William Hulme's Grammar School). Index of names appearing in lists of those serving with HM forces in WW1 (678 records)

War Grave Registers (WW2)
Details of WW2 servicemen buried in Crompton and Failsworth Cemeteries. Transcribed by Linda Bailey. (33 Records)

Institutions (Schools, Hospitals, Etc.)

Baguley Sanatorium Admissions 1926-1930
Names and details of those admitted for treatment for tuberculosis. Transcribed by Mark Harrey (3,281 records)

Bolton Grammar School Boys 1658-1882
Names of boys attending Bolton Grammar School. Includes addresses (for most) and year of admission to the school. (1,848 records)

Bridgewater House Boys Home
Transcript of register of Bridgewater House Boys Home, Chester Road, Manchester 1886-1889. First published in Manchester Genealogist Vol. 32 Issue 4, 1996. (122 records)

Henshaw's Asylum for the Blind Annual Reports
Names of inmates, trustees, donors etc. published in Henshaws' annual reports (23,442 records)

Manchester Central High School History
Names of some former pupils serving in the two World Wars and of Masters from c1904-1950. (255 records)

Manchester Grammar School Admissions 1730-1837
Jeremiah Finch Smith's register of admissions to Manchester Grammar School. Originally published in three parts between1866 and 1874 by the Chetham Society and transcribed by Linda Bailey and Chris Hall. (3,647 records)

Manchester Grammar School Pupils 1888-1951
Biographical details of Old Mancunians, including a small number of Preparatory School pupils. Redacted to 90 years from entry date. Plus career details of 438 masters. Redacted 100 years from birth or 80 years from date of first service. (15,939 records)

Manchester Prisoner Licences
A list of prisoners (mostly female) related to Manchester and released from prison under licence between 1853 and 1887. Includes personal details and TNA PCOM3 and PCOM4 references. Extracted from TNA online index by Julie Davey.

Prestwich Asylum Admissions
Admissions to Prestwich Asylum from 1851 to 1901

Royal Manchester School for the Deaf and Dumb, Admission Documents
Documents relating to pupils admitted to the school. Includes a report into the subsequent lives of former pupils admitted between 1825 and 1873. (903 records). The chief data is an index and scanned copies of the pupil admission documents from 1825 onwards (redacted to 1923 - 100 years) (2,637 Records). Also included are the Admission Registers 1885-1908 & 1908-1922 (1,667 records). These complement the admission documents and often include information not recorded in the documents, such as date of leaving.

Royal Manchester School for the Deaf & Dumb, Admission Registers
Admission registers 1885-1908 and 1908-1922. Relate to the above documents, but can contain differing information. Many entries contain the date of leaving and the reason for leaving (1,667 records)

Royal Manchester School for the Deaf & Dumb, Pupil Rolls
Pupil Rolls listing all pupils admitted to the school 1825-1922. (2,777 records)

Schoolteachers' Registration
Details of registration of school teachers working in Ardwick, Ancoats, Wythenshawe, Moston, Collyhurst and Miles Platting. Extracted by Joseph Hilditch (466 records)

Swinton Industrial Schools Discharges
Index to names with summary details extracted from the Discharge Registers 1846-1922 by George Dawes

Tipping Street Congregational Church Members
Membership Roll of Tipping Street Congregational Church, Ardwick 1856-1873. Transcribed by Joseph Hilditch.

Whittingham Hospital Admissions
An index to patient admissions to Whittingham Hospital (Asylum) for patients from Manchester and Salford between 1873 and 1913. Compiled by Julie Davey from the Lancashire Record Office online index.


Annals of Manchester
Entries appearing in W. E. Axon's 1886 publication, which relate to named individuals. Transcribed by Linda Bailey (995 records)

Blackrod Diary
Extracts covering principally 1876-1907 though a few earlier and later entries. Mentions many local events and people. Includes images of the diary and an index to dates of entries. (470 records)

John Owen Diary
The John Owen diary is a journal kept by the 19th century antiquary John Owen and contains largely notes relating to his own family history. The diary is available in both transcribed form and as images of the original document.

Lancashire Biographies
Biographies published in 1917 of prominent Lancastrians including genealogical and career information (1,589 records)

Manchester and Lancashire Strays
References to persons who were born or lived formerly in Manchester or Lancashire and who appear in records for places outside this area.

Manchester Clarion Club Visitors 1908-20
Names and details of visitors to the Manchester Clarion Club, Market Street 1908-1920. Transcribed by Mark Harrey from the original, courtesy of Chris Willis. (3,393 records)

Manchester Faces and Places
Faces and Places was published 1898-1906 as a monthly series. It contains sometimes lengthy biographies of Manchester's more prominent citizens and institutions. There are frequently photographs of the people concerned. Copies are available in the Local Studies section of Archives+ at Manchester Central Library (1,168 records)

Missing Persons from the Manchester Times
Julie Davey has compiled this invaluable index of missing person advertisements published in the Manchester Times. These advertisements generally relate to persons with whom the advertiser has lost contact rather than those who have "disappeared". As always, spelling of names and places may be subject to some variation.

Newspaper Announcements
Extracts from a variety of newspapers including inquests, BMD announcements, Inquests and other miscellaneous topics. Covers Manchester Courier 1825-1830, 1832, 1834-1848, 1895 (Inquests 1830, 1832, 1834 1835-1840 and Bigamy reports 1825-1860) and Manchester Mercury 1804-1806, 1809, 1814-1816, 1819-25 transcribed by Linda Bailey, Chris Hall Laura Lewis and Chris Norcross. Also contains 550 references from the Manchester Evening News to people charged with contravening the WW2 blackout regulations. (49,667 records)

Pendleton Reporter 1881
Cases heard in the magistrates' courts in Salford during the year 1881.

Poulton-le-Fylde Congregational Chapel Members 1869-1924
Membersship Roll for Poulton-le-Fylde Congregational Church (now URC) 1869-1924 from original roll transcribed by Irene Butcher. (398 records)

Salford Motor Vehicle Registrations
An index of motor vehicles by plate and owner for Salford c1903-1926. Transcribed by George Dawes. (6,142 records)

The Wesleyan Methodist Historic Roll
Details of signatories to the Methodist Historic Roll belonging to chapels in Manchester and Salford (and some other places) which have been extracted by Julie Davey from the microfiche copy of Volumes 27 and 28 of the roll. (17,824 records)

Westhoughton Office Holders
Lists of churchwardens, constables and overseers.